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Constant emails "Are You Trying To Log In From a New Device?"

Every single time when I login on Fiverr, I immediately get an email asking “Are You Trying To Log In From a New Device?”, even though I always log in from the same computer, from the same spot and in the same network. Like with most providers, mine doesn’t give out fixed IP addresses to private users, but that’s normal for most people working from home. It’s really annoying and I clearly see it as a bug. Unfortunately, when I tried to contact Fiverr to report that bug via their support site, I can only choose options that are not even close to this problem. Has anybody had the same problem? How did you fix it? Why is Fiverr not fixing it?

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Have you checked your profile settings? Do you permit cookies? Permit location?


Hi there,
Thank you for your reply.
I have checked my settings, but there doesn’t seem to be anything relevant to that matter, that I could change. There is a list of my logins, though, showing the exact same data each time, same device, same browser. Still the last login is always marked as “new device”, which makes no sense.
As for your other questions: I do allow cookies for Fiverr, but like all cookies are deleted at shutdown or by an occasional clean up process, which is something normal everybody should do. I certainly wouldn’t change that. And no, I never permit my location. Both of these things shouldn’t matter anyway, when I’m logging in from the same computer with the same browser over the same provider from the same connection.
So, if Fiverr security is based on me giving up all my security on my part then these false messages about a “new logins” will have to keep coming. I’m going to wait and see, if Fiverr will block me at some point or not.

PS. All logins recorded by Fiverr show the same location from my provider, which is in fact totally nonsense, but always the exact same name. So, it can’t be that the location is the issue in this case.

Someone must be trying to login your ID, Just for safety, make sure you have multiple IDs connected to your Fiverr ID for logins.

I get the “new device” thing any time my laptop shuts down unexpectedly, or when a Windows update happens … which sometimes was so often in such a short time that I wrote to support once, as, like you, I was wondering whether it might lead to issues at some point because some algorithm might flag it as suspicious.
The answer was something vague like “it’s okay if it happens sometimes”, or such, so I let it be, so far, no issues.

ETA: I searched for the support mail, it said “It is possible that the system will recognize your login as being from a new device in some cases where you are not necessarily logging in from a different laptop: for example when you are using a different browser, Incognito mode, if you are using VPN, quitting or clearing cache and cookies…”, and “there shouldn’t be any issues even if you are asked to send a confirmation multiple times in a month”.


Agreed, but you can save that one particular cookie that holds that information. It’s cost/benefit thing. Is it worth it to you to have that one verified cookie in order to prevent daily emails and log a ‘new device’ record.


Great tip! I’ve thought about selectively okaying cookies for some things.

I’ll admit, I personally don’t know how to nit-pick cookies, though I know it’s possible. I just have a few domains white-listed.
I also make heavy use of right-click>‘open in incognito tab’ so that I don’t have to worry as much about random cookies.

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