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Constant spam requests

The spam on Fiverr is starting to get out of hand. I’m starting to receive a spam request just about once a day, and the number of real requests has dropped significantly. I’m not sure whether I’ve been pushed further into the search abyss for ignoring these spam requests, but my traffic has taken a nosedive. I generally try to report the messages as spam so that it doesn’t affect my response rate, but there have been a few that have slipped through the cracks since they’re so constant. Has anyone else been experiencing this? It’s really making me consider moving my services.

Yes, more spam than orders. It’s best to be on more than one site.

I’m still a five-month newbie here. I got a ton of them at first, but it seems I’m getting fewer than I used to. Still, I get too many. Probably one spam message per four or five legitimate messages/orders. It’s very disappointing when my phone dings with a Fiverr notification. Yay, a new order! Nope. In life, I also get plenty of spam/scam phone calls and emails in general. Unfortunately, it’s sad thing all around.

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Just joined and am getting one or two a day. It’s really annoying even when you’re trying to have fun with them as they attempt to take the conversation to ■■■■■ or discord. I’d say I’m glad to not be the only one but maybe more annoyed to have joined at all if this is all you’re getting, especially when the idea is to keep you engaged with the response rate.

It’s trial by fire. :fire:

In time they will stop if you have the strength to withstand it for a while longer. Only the strong survive.

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