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Constantly dropping order completion rate .. don't understand fiverr maths 😢


Hi friends
Untill two months back my basic profile indices ( order cancellation rate, response rate etc ) were all at 100% … I was JUST A LITTLE short of climbing to the next leve… then…
I had two consecutive cancellations and no orders… since then…
THE Sad thing is that the order completion rate started depleting ( of its own accord ) ever since…
after two cancellations it came to 83% ( that was understandable ) …
now … its slowly down to 33% …
ITS Freaking me out… I don’t understand the maths fiverr works with…
Please need advice and prayers…


Same problem here, After 1 cancellation my was 67%. Then I will complete new 2 order, now rating is 75.
So sad.


It’s because of the 60 day window and the fact that you’ve no orders since.

The stats are based on the last 60 days. So orders you completed >60 days ago are not being counted in the percentage any more.


To expand on what @uk1000 mentioned, just in case it makes it easier to follow, since I know this can be confusing for some people:

Fiverr’s algorithm ONLY tracks the last 60 days of sales.

If the algorithm counted only 5 days of orders, it could look something like this:

Day 1,2, and 3 you complete orders. Your completion rate would be at 100%.
On day 4, you cancel an order. Your rate drops to 75%.
On day 5, you cancel an order again. Your rate drops to 60%.
On day 6, you don’t get any orders- but because Fiverr only cares about the last 5 days, the completed order on Day 1 is no longer counted- so your rate will drop to 50%.
On Day 7, you don’t get an order, but only the last 5 days are counted (now day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.) Because you had a completed order on Day 3, but cancelled on day 4 and 5, and had no orders on day 6 and 7, you have only completed 33% of all your total orders.
On Day 8, you get no order again. Days 4-8 are the days that are counted, so your completion rate is 0% as all your orders from Day 4 were cancelled.
On Day 9, you get an order and complete it. Days 5-9 are counted. So your rate is 50% because out of the 2 orders (on Day 5, and on Day 9), you only completed 1 order.
On Day 10, you complete another order. Your rate is now 100% again! Because only days 6-10 are counted, and the two orders you got within that time were completed successfully.

This is how Fiverr’s system works, but instead of 5 days, the window is 60 days.


thankyou for your kindness


Thankyou joyh97 … its a through reply and boosts my confidence … I DO UNDERSTAND the maths now… :slight_smile:


I hope It purges out of my system soon … :slight_smile: … thanks for your kind reply