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Consultant services as extra learn and adopt new knowledge

It is difficult to divide where You transform from consultant to teacher, when You have to educate buyer because he can’t understand what You try to explain him and what actions havw to be done to prevent risk situation in project.
I have, some kind of tolerancy, to explain a little bit deeper and for more, it is fine to ask extra charge…but to be honest, that’s happend mostly when buyer doesn’t habe a clear idea what is the goal of project…
What’s your expirence ?

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I always explain and clear things before proceeding toward order… If someone place order directly on any of my gig i start discussion and goes deeper to elicit clear the order requirements and make them clear on what they will get as well.

So this avoid many problems and i don’t hesitate when asking for extras :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree, that is also my strategy…but where. You place line, or can I tell, You explain one question and that answer gone to next question on second level or it spread around…and definitive You have situation where You teaching buyer and You don’t have speak any word about your gig…'cause he have attitude that your gig is ok for his goal, but he doesn’t have capacity and knowledge to understand so You basically became a teacher…

Thanks for reply :slight_smile: