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Consultation Fee Feature for Messages

Consultation Fee Feature for Messages, pretty straightforward but could be quite helpful. Let’s say someone has about 20 questions to ask you, it’s still a time investment. If they feel they are asking more than your standard general inquiry or want to verify if your service is right for them that’s fine, but i’m talking for those that offer more specialized services such as marketing/branding/writing/seo/etc. This would be very helpful. This way only serious buyers will get through and ultimately it will bring in more money into Fiverr, so it seems like a win-win to me. In the mean-time I think i’ll just start sending out general consultation quotes which is a pain, but a work-around non-the-less. Thoughts?

I’ve seen a few sellers with consultation gigs - especially if they are selling things that might need lots of questions back and forth that could take some time, so perhaps you could try that?

Generally my worry is that buyers are more hostile when they don’t get an actual product/service done. So if it’s mostly consultation they’re more inclined to leave a bad review(Despite it being a consultation.) but if that’s my only option for the moment I may have to do that. I’d just hate to get bad feedback if ultimately I discuss back and forth with someone and we determine it’s not a service I can actually offer to them and they will say something along the lines of, “They said they might be able to help me and did nothing” despite the whole thing being a consultation.