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Consultation for the Design or Redesign of Your Home

We all have dreams of what we want our house to look like, if we start from scratch or we work with home we live in right now. We have ideas, but wouldn’t it be nice to tap into the expertise of someone trained as an architect, worked several years in the profession, and actually licensed as an architect to give you some pointers to start you off in the right direction. The finished product is important, but I am here to start you off on with the right mindset, to help you work through certain things before you put the big dollars down on the actual project. Preplanning and concept ideas help to iron out many issues that come along later and even help to cut down on the time in takes to get the actual project started when you are ready to commit. This is my service to you. To help you be prepared to tackle your home or building dream with your idea fully in mind. Let’s do this together!

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