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Contact a buyer

Hello People, I really need a help here, I have a buyer who we are at advanced stage of talk, I was to do a set up before we start the task, I was finding it difficult to do the set up and I told him am still on it, before I know it, I just see “this person chose not to receive message from you at this time” am guessing he blocked me. And immediately after that I completed the set up. So is there a way for me to contact him?
Or can anyone contact him on my behalf telling him to talk to me that I already did the set up.
Please I really need this task.
His username is *****************
my username is Oladayotimi

Mod Note: Username removed.


If the buyer has blocked you it would be best I think to not try to contact them - including through other users. You could look at the messages before you got that “blocked” type message to see if there was a reason why they blocked you.

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