Contact a person before we purchase?


Hello. I am trying to use this site, however it seems more difficult then it should be.(1) No live Chat turns me off real bad…(2) Cant find clear directions of how to contact a person before I purchase a service. i want to ask questions first before I lay down my cash, I don’t find out after they cant Speak English or cant understand my questions or just are not capable of my request.

If his is possible how do we do it? I use right now and Live Chat and ability ask questions first is why I use them. Looking for the same avenue of options.



Kindly check FEW gigs and buy it according previous reviews and quality work.


I appreciate the advice. I would not buy over a review, that dont mean they can do what I want just that they have a good review I want to personally know they can do what I want and ask questions before I begin. It seems backwards to not offer this?

i wont pay unless I can confirm they are capable of MY NEEDS not others.

If anyone knows how to contact a buyer lmk, if it is not possible I will just stick with its much easier to ensure you are getting the right fit.



You can have a live chat that when the seller is online. If the seller is not online then leave a message in the inbox and wait for them to respond. Generally, a seller will respond with in an hour (seller possessing good response time). Fiverr might seem tricky at first but I’ve noted very professional freelancers here. Inbox seller and tell them you want to chat.
Hope this helps


I see thank you. How do you do this message? I cant find where or how to initiate this contact before purchasing?



When you view their profile on Fiverr there is a "contact me " option using that you can leave a message.


Ah ok I see ti now so you can contact first, it seemed awkward you could not. that’s good news i would like to try this site out just wanna know as k my questiojns first clear up anything before we start.

thank you for that, I will try it now because you helped me.

thanks again.


I’m glad you found the contact button! Most sellers love for you to contact them beforehand, I usually write that on all of my gigs. There are a lot of people here from other countries than the US and UK, so it’s understandable that many don’t speak English as well, but this site is based in another country anyway. (I can’t remember which one off the top of my head.) You can still find great sellers who don’t speak English as well, but you have to base how comfortable you are with their reviews, and with what contact you have through messaging.


I think, Contacting before the start of project provides basic overview of the project, complexity of the project,project discussion is carried out. Communication in other that English language will be the plus point.


Ok, I gave this site a try. I honestly love it so far! After i learned to navigate etc…see how the system operates. i was using, but I think its easier overall and more convenient here and I like how the freelancers can layout their stuff better here and the instant discussion here is better then freelancers chat box…the images also seem easy to review work also. Overall, good site and I will use it often. Thanks