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Contact before ordering!

Hi there fellow sellers,

Well this has been a major issue for me lately and would like to get some insight or opinions.
The past month I had 4 buyer ordering without even saying a “Hi”!
Just a plan order plus delayed requirements info and details
Eventually they all went fine and job got done but today was that one time I couldn’t deliver in deadline, had a cancellation and obviously a rates drop! I don’t know if you’ve been there and thought of it as a problem, but to me lately it’s a major one


Fiverr is designed in that way and very proud of their main feature that buyers can place an order anytime they want without contacting seller prior to that.

You can make it clear in your packages your description, make requirements mandatory so they wouldn’t be able to skip that part or simply increase delivery time to be safe and know that you have enough time to discuss and deliver order if needed.

You can also always send a time extension request if needed


This is what I did with all of my gigs. If a buyer wants something sooner, you can always send them a custom offer. :wink:


Yeah alright I’m aware of all these and have applied them, mandatory requirements aren’t that effective cause the order has already made, so there will be cancellations
Anyways, extended delivery seems to be a way for now

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