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Contact buyer from old account


Hello everyone!
I got my account disabled and I had a long term project with a buyer whom I m no longer able to contact on fiverr! I know the buyer’s user name. please help.thank you


Nothing much you can do - you can’t contact buyers with whom you have no relationship.

As a now new seller, that’s your position.

I do hope you asked CS if it was alright to start a new account after your previous one was disabled. :sunny:


Yes! the new account is fine! I thought about maybe asking sellers that worked with this specific buyer to contact them and tell them about my new account,but I guess that’s far fetched.


Fiverr would likely be very unhappy with an attempt to circumvent the system and contact a buyer that you lost contact with on a banned username. I think it would just get you banned again.


But fiverr doesn’t even send a notification to buyers that my account got disabled! the buyer will just keep sending me messages while not aware of what happened!


They won’t be able to send messages to a disabled account.


are you sure? so It’s guaranteed that they know my account is no longer available?


Try visiting your ‘old’ account yourself and see what happens.


bytheway, may i know the reason why you got ban , what wrong you did


it shows up in search,but when I click on it it says no longer available!
Oh I said some inconvenient words to a buyer so the ban is totally justified


It is correct that any buyer you had will be unable to send messages to that account. That bridge has been burned. if you want to start over, go for it and Fiverr may let you or not. Making contacts with any old buyers is not likely to work well.


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