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Contact buyer

how could i contact buyer after order is canceled and completed.

If the buyer still has an active account on Fiverr, use the search function to find their page then contact them that way. If the buyer is ONLY a buyer, and not also a seller, or you can’t find the name with the general search function, then go to your inbox and pull up communications from that transaction (the inbox has it’s own search function or you can find older communications under “archived”) and click on the buyer’s nickname. If the buyer no longer has an active account, you won’t be able to contact him.

i could find buyer but no option to contact them anyway.

i have no previous communication with him.

Send something Hi or Something before you cancel the order so you can still contact with him… for the complete order in the bottom of the order page you can fins buyers name just click it it will navigate to message board

i had tried it before but in the buyer page there no option to contact him

If you can find the buyer’s name, then clicking on his screen name should bring you to his profile page, with the the word “Contact” after his screen name, and if you don’t see “Contact” then the buyer has probably been suspended.

Reply to @celticmoon: Not necessarily! Fiverr has recently made it so that buyers have to contact you first in order for you to communicate with them. Many buyers were receiving spam messages from sellers offering their services. Fiverr frowns upon unsolicited messages and has now made it impossible to send one. These buyers have not been suspended.

@cheezees Well that just blows my whole idea of having a “contact” button for buyers on their profiles. I thought of a few times it may have come in handy. Not for spam, of course! Just in case I can’t reach them via the order page when the site is acting glitchy.

Reply to @kissreviews: Yip. It’s especially frustrating in the buyers requests. now we cannot send follow up messages to buyers if our gigs don’t match. You can’t contact them for legitimate reasons either. Unless they are also a seller, there’s no contact button at all. :frowning:

Buyer requests are probably even a better reason they need one. I’ve passed up quite a few because my offer was so far off the wall from what they wanted. Even though I could explain myself if they’d by some chance click on my gig anyway, I just pass it up. Oh, well. It’s all good anyway.

Huh…news to me! Sorry for giving the wrong info, dominic1234, and thanks for the update, @cheezees~ I can see why this has happened. As usual, a few rotten eggs have spoiled everything for those of us who wouldn’t dream of being spammy. That’s always the way, though, isn’t it? :open_mouth:

Reply to @celticmoon: yip. Spoiled it for all of us. It used to be the way you said though. :slight_smile: