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How do I contact Fiverr? I want to call them, but i can not find any number. How legit is this company with no email or no phone number. I think I have been scammed out of my money from Fiverr.


No phone, but you can email or visit:


Only email support

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I tried to call Aldi once. Impossible. I guess they’d just never get to do anything if people could call them. And I can guarantee that Aldi is a very legit company.

Fiverr’s email address however isn’t hard to Google and I’ve used it before with success.

Maybe read the Terms of Service, before writing to them, if you haven’t yet, that may help you to a better position to make your point, or even to discover you might not have been scammed out of your money, after all; for instance, if you cancelled an order or a seller cancelled an order on you and you don’t see the refund for it on your cc, that would be because refunds are done in form of Fiverr credit unless otherwise requested, etc. The Terms have all such infos.


Land lines are really falling out of favor, even with some major companies. I know of one person who has visited the Fiverr HQ and she said that she did not see a single land line in the building, but the place was unquestionably legitimate.

"Fiverr’s new offices are located in Tel Aviv’s Beit Ha’ikarim – a historic, 4-storey building listed for conservation to which three new floors have been added.

Inspiration for the design drew on the cultural-geographic context of the project’s location and the company’s cosmopolitan activity that brings together ‘sellers’ – artists and freelancers – with ‘buyers’ – entrepreneurs and small businesses world-wide.

Since the offices are located in a building listed for conservation, whose renovation included the addition of new floors, it allows a natural and authentic dialogue between old and new that’s reflected in the interior design. "

If you contact Fiverr at the Support link that was provided in this thread, they will get back to you within a day in most cases, two days at most. That’s a lot better than my local dentist, to be honest. I have to drive there to talk to anyone. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but I don’t think you’ve been scammed just because there aren’t any phones.


You need to get support tickets to contact, otherwise, it becomes easier to spam using emails

That makes me more conformable when it comes from Wikipedia.

OK so note: Don’t do business with Fiverr anymore. They hold your money for over half a month and take 20% commission. For this amount of commission I would have thought that funds would be available much faster, goes to show Fiverr loves working with the money that you earn.


No - only 14 days after the order’s completed, unless you’re TRS, then it’s 7 days.

It’s all in the ToS when you signed up.

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