Contact, following up


Few days ago I posted 2 messages to 2 sellers and get no answers on both sides…
How can I find where are my messages, if they have been seen,…


If they didn’t get back to you means they either didn’t see the message or they just ignored it. But I can be of help with the services you required.


How do you know you can be of help? You don’t know what services are required.


Unfortunately there’s no way of knowing if the message has been seen. Although there seems to be the occasional glitch in messaging it seems odd you’d contact two sellers and neither replied, so you may want to contact CS to see if there’s an underlying problem.

It is the case that some sellers leave and don’t close their account but again it seems odd that it would be both sellers you contacted. you could check when their last delivery was on their profile page.


It is a problem I already had in the past, and imho, Fiverr should create a system to show, at least, if the message was delivered and read, it sounds a basic feature… Thanks for your answers anyway :slight_smile: