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Contact from outside companies offering jobs

I just joined Fiverr 2 days ago, and yesterday I received an email from an outside employer through Fiverr. They had me go to Google Hangouts and basically “interviewed” me for a position as a content writer. They offered me the job, but then they wanted me to send information such as my name, address, phone, and email to a gmail account. I haven’t done it, because I know it violates TOS, and because I find the whole process rather suspicious and suspect a scam. But how did this happen? How and why would this company contact me through Fiverr and offer an outside job? Have I already violated TOS by talking to them on Google Hangouts? I’m confused.


In order to promise you the moon, make you work a lot, and avoid paying you.



Besides what @catwriter said, more than likely because you are new. :wink:


This is how we learn. Now I know, won’t let it happen again. I apologize for my newbie stupidity. :wink: