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Contact me before placing the order

Hi all,
I’m new to Fiverr and still studying several gig posts. One common thing I saw is many of the sellers ending their gig with " Contact me before placing the order"
I feel it is not a good impression. your ideas, please.

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Why do you think that’s bad and won’t have a good impression? What’s wrong with seller trying to communicate with buyer before an order is placed? If anything, it would help both seller and buyer understand the project requirements and save time if they aren’t the right match.


Thank you for your views.
I just think that, we are providing the details about the gig, and offer some packages also. Then finally we ask from buyer to contact before placing the order. That’s because I just rethink on it.
Again, thank you for the views.

This is a common practice and I use it in all of my gigs for the sole fact that some projects need more communication beforehand. Especially in Web-Design.

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I think you are correct!

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It depends on what you’re offering.

If you offer something straightforward that doesn’t have to be discussed in advance, there’s no need to ask buyers to contact you first. However, some sellers offer complex services that should be discussed first (though buyers can’t be forced to contact the seller before ordering), and for them, writing something like that at the very beginning of the gig description is a good idea.


It’s ok to me , may be you have different thoughts @kasuncolombo

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Its better to clear all the things before placing the order is better since it prevents seller to get in trouble.

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Thank you. Your clarification is superb.
I got the point.

it is just to make a good relation with the buyer, most of the cases it will fit correctly

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