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Contact me button doesn't appear in my profile

Can someone please help me. When I saw my profile in the guest’s mood, I can’t see my contact me button. But other profiles on Fiverr show this. Can you please give me any solution? See the attachment below

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Myb it has to do with you not having any gigs. At least I don’t see any gigs

Don’t worry… There is no reason to be disappointed here. Please go to your profile and click " Preview Public Mode" Hopefully you will see the contact button. :+1:

:heartpulse: Go ahead with success in fiverr. All the best. :heartpulse:


I have 6 gigs… But nothing show

No… Not showing … This make me disappoint

You can take the help of Fiverr support.

They didn’t response… It 9th day

Did you turn on the option that you are open to doing custom orders? I imagine if that’s not turned on, there won’t be a contact button, as people who only want direct orders through their gigs and not want to do anything custom wouldn’t need or even want to be contacted outside of the order page.

I don’t remember where that option is but you can certainly find it somewhere if you look around.

He doesn’t have any gigs anyway, though.

Ah, well, he said he has 6 gigs, I didn’t check. No gigs would explain no content button as well, I suppose.

If neither content button nor gigs are showing, the only option will be support. Did you check whether your ticket has been created by looking at your ticket list? 9 days seems like a very lagged response time; if the ticket was actually created, update it and politely ask if they could check on your issue yet, @mdmasudsikdar.

Here is this…

Here is my all gigs

Why would you want to send yourself a message? You likely cannot see a “contact me” button, because you’re looking at your own gig.

yes you are right, i am agree with you :slight_smile:

That’s what I originally thought, until I did some digging and found that I can’t even see the “Contact Me” button on his profile.

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You are right bro…

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