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‘Contact Me’ button

Why there is no ‘Contact Me’ button on profiles of some people on fiverr?


every seller account has a “Contact Me” button. But buyer account not have that.

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In addition to what @rab2wanted said it is against Fiverr TOS to contact anyone through the “Contact Me” button unless you intend buy their product. :wink:

Do not contact other sellers asking for work. They may report you for spam and you could lose your account or get a warning. :scream:


Actually I have to send a sample work on their buyers request. But I didn’t found a way to contact them.

Hi @jalalbadshah

There is no Contact button for buyer account. You can’t Contact them.

Besides, There is contact me button in seller account. But don’t message any seller until you need to purchase any service from them. If they report either you will get warning or your account will be disabled.

So Please avoid Contact to the sellers without any reason.

Thank you

Yes I don’t want to contact anyone for no reason I am well aware of TOS.

If you noticed sometimes you can see some buyer profiles in buyer requests. If you send a message directly through their inbox you will get a warning. So don’t communicate with buyers until they message you first.

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It’s great to you for aware of Fiverr TOS. :blush: :blush:

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You cannot do that. It will be considered spam. All you can do is ask them to contact you to see samples.

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This is a case of the Buyer not knowing the rules. They are asking for something that cannot be done.


Look in this link & read the instruction. Buyer can’t ask for free sample work.

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