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Contact Me First BEFORE ordering... this means you

I, unfortunately, have to do a lot of mutual cancellations. Why? Because buyers can’t fathom a simple concept - contact me first before ordering.

I’ve made it BOLD and highlighted in yellow at the top and bottom of the gig description. I’ve repeated it several more times in the text of the description. I’ve made it absolutely clear there are NO exceptions. Yet… people still persist and often say something along the lines of "I didn’t think you meant me."

Anyone else have this issue? Who thinks it’s a good idea for Fiverr to somehow take this into account when analyzing your cancellation/ success ratio?


This is a touchy subject. But I always say, and will maintain forever that writing to contact you before ordering does NOT work. This is all category dependent by the way.

You can write it all you want. Highlight it. CAPS it. It doesn’t matter.

There are reasons for this.

The main reason is that a lot of people (A LOT) don’t read the Gig description. They ONLY read the title then order.

There is also the language barrier.

I can never stress enough that needing people to contact you before ordering never works.

You need… need… NEED to make your gig clear in your title. NOT in your description.

I always recommend saving the description for the gig extras. Obviously you put your base in the description as well but remember. About 40% of people only read the title.

The ratio of people only reading the title is about 80% if the buyer’s native language is not English. They read the first few words they can understand… in the title. LOL

Again. This all depends on your category.

If you could fit “Contact before ordering” in your title… do it! lol

My cancellation ratio is 3%. Mostly from repeat clients who order again. (I can’t do more than 2 gigs). And… It’s funny… Because I post that I can’t do more than 2 gigs in the description. Ha ha. :slight_smile:

I don’t understand how you can just click “Order now” when all you have seen is the title of the gig. I buy and sell on Fiverr and see things from both sides.

Imagine an ad saying “Honda Civic” for sale and first you hand over your cash and THEN you ask to arrange to see the car, check out the details, get to know the seller, etc. Cray-Zay! :frowning:

im thinking about creating a new gig " show you how to read ".

Cuz this happens to me all the time. They just place an order and then ask 1000 questions.

@cheezees - I personally don’t understand it either. But… that’s the way it is.

I think a lot of the people who don’t read the description are not native English speakers. So, they manage to make out the title and don’t bother to try and figure out the rest. But I’ve also had orders from brand new people before. As in brand new to Fiverr. And from what I can tell, they don’t always understand the workings and read the title, click on it and just click on the order button (Which is at the top). Who knows. It’s an old problem and no matter what we all say or do… some people just don’t read the descriptions.

Oh… And I want to add this in here…

Posting in the forums don’t really help either because there are only about 100 active members of the forum from what I can tell. Basically, 99.9% of Fiverr customers don’t ever go to the forum. Most don’t even know it exists until they are on Fiverr for a long while. That’s why I get a laugh sometimes out of the “Tips for Buyers” topics. Because the bulk of Fiverr buyers have never even heard of the Forum. LOL

I think part of the problem may be that some buyers, particularly brand new Fiverr users, don’t realize that sellers provide specific services. It seems like they think that Fiverr is a place where any seller will do anything. At least, that’s how it seems based on some of the random orders I’ve gotten and then had to cancel. For example, I’ve had orders with instructions to write a script, record a video, take photos – all kinds of things. But none of that had anything to do with my gig. It makes me wonder if people sign up then just start clicking, thinking that all sellers can provide whatever they need.

Hello, this is from a buyer’s perspective. I normally use [anothermarketplace] for voices for my games. It’s easy you just place your ad and then people reply and then you click purchase and you’re done.

I thought Fiverr was the same way that it says a certain amount of words for a certain price and then if you want full rights you check that box and pay extra money. And I thought it was that easy and it seems like it is for most people.

But it seems like there’s others who for some reason want you to contact them. And that’s what the confusing part for the buyer why do I need to contact them. if you want them to contact you there should not be a button to purchase, it makes absolutely no sense that there’s a button for you to purchase but then they want you to contact it’s very confusing for the purchaser or the buyer I wish they would change that they should have an option if you don’t want people to purchase and just contact you directly that there’s a button that says contact me instead of purchase it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

why isn’t it as easy as play some your script in there clicking them out of words clicking full rights clicking pay and that’s it I don’t understand why you have to contact the buyer it’s just one huge hassle. As soon as I see contact buyer or if it doesn’t have full broadcast rights option that I just move on to the next one

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You are actually using Fiverr correctly - contact me before buying is something some sellers do but actually, it is not how it is supposed to be done. Click Buy Done is Fiverr’s recent slogan which was again highlighted by the CEO recently at the IPO. If you know what you want and the seller offers exactly that then yes, go ahead and order. If not, a message first can help avoid confusion.

Okay, thank you for confirming I am doing it the right way. Because it really saves my company a lot of time.

If I had to contact every person it would take a long time and it wouldn’t be worth it I would just stick with [another marketplace] at that point.

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What method does Fiverr have then for quickly stopping orders that would be infringing copyright etc. if a buyer wanted to do something with “their” content but they didn’t actually own that content/the rights to it? Or just what they were asking to do would be against copyright law?

That’s a good point, another guy had responded I’m not sure is this thread or another thread and said that fiber decided to give the users both options if they want they can go ahead and order and I guess at the seller doesn’t like the order they could cancel it or the buyer can contact the person in case they’re not for sure if it would be in Frenchmen or some kind of problem. I guess I wouldn’t make it easiest possible for the buyer where they know that it’s a simple thing that they can do they could just order it and if the bar thinks we’ll know this isn’t they can just hit the cancel button.

please disregard any spelling or grammical errors, this was composed with Google speech to text.

But Fiverr hasn’t provided an easy option to cancel an order without it affecting the seller’s stats or the level. Cancelling 1 order can lead to a demotion (if completion rate <90%). A seller has told how their account got in trouble for cancelling about 6 I think. All current cancellations the seller can do (unless maybe if they went through CS and CS decided it wouldn’t affect something) will affect the seller’s stats and their level.

Also cancelling means the buyer won’t get back the service charge they paid.

Bingo! There’s always a reason for things. I knew there must have been some reason that people were putting that on their description so it looks like that’s the reason cuz they don’t make it easy to cancel they need to change that policy cuz it would be a lot easier for everyone or make another button something

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Wow! So this old thread was revived. Anyhoo, I was the original poster with an old “I’ll leave comments on your blog or facebook page” gig. (I think Fiverr has banned those types of gigs now.) But back then there were certain types of content I would not accept - hate speech, racism, child exploitation, etc. So my request was to let me see the blog or facebook page you want comments on before you order.

But people would order anyway and, sure enough, they were looking for comments on porn sites, hate sites, etc.

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