Contact me for better results of logos


wait wait wait dear i’m here forever contact for vector forms of logo


Who is your dear ?:open_mouth:.You should call your dear as @dear.


: joy::


hey I think you were very active on Fiverr forums


Not so,but a tad bit.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




When we don’t have any order :confused:, then you will see us here! :slight_smile:


Not true, Muhammad Osman!
When I’ve a lot of work to do I find most interesting threads to participate.:cry:


I think when we have a order, then we should focus 100% on our order to give excellent service to buyer. That is how we can make our buyer happy and also indirectly we can make fiverr more better place in this way. Yeah, we should also participate on forum but in our spare time, when we have too much less orders or in spare time!


basically i’m calling my customer as ‘dear’