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Contact requests outside of Fiverr

I frequently get requests from buyers to contact them outside of Fiver and I always refuse. I’m very direct about this. However, Fiverr algorithms obviously automagically detect the keys word of “contact” and keeps flagging me for further investigation :frowning: Is this having any impact on my role in the site?

For context, I have been slogging away for four and a half years on Fiverr, with nearly 4k positive reviews and I’m still sat at Level 2.

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I always mention “it’s against Fiverr’s Terms of Service to give you my details” in my replies. Never been flagged like you. So I think it might be a poor choice of words from your part, using contact and outside Fiverr.

The request was for contact outside of Fiver so my natural reply was that “I’m not allowed to contact you outside of Fiver” :frowning: I would have thought that this was clear enough, but maybe not to a bot.

Strange, I get messages like this every now and then and I always reply with the usual “We are not allowed to contact each other outside Fiverr” message.

Yup, I use the word “contact” each time, and so far, no flags, no warning, nothing.

Not sure why???

As Marioland said, I usually also tell them that its against Fiverr’s terms of services(TOS) instead of using any other words.

It’s frustrating because I always play by the rules.

Yes this has happened to be once. Be very careful about your choice of language. To ensure the bot doesn’t mistakedly pick you up, type something like:

‘communication must only take place within the site.’

I hope that helps.