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Contact Seller B4 Ordering

It’s absolutely ridiculous that as buyers we are NOT allowed to communicate with the Sellers before placing an order. Why being so paranoid… FIVERR!!

Other freelance sites allow you to do that & FOR GOOD REASONS.

If you are hiring someone to do a task related to communication for example… I would really want to be able to speak to the person to know if he/she is for REAL and wasting my time to hire someone that can’t deliver and then I’ll spend more time looking for new hire.

Fiverr is providing a unique solution / access… NO ONE IS LOOKIN TO UNDERMINE THAT!! OK??

Ridiculous policy… fix it or other freelance site will catchup to you.

Hmm…most of my clients contact me before placing an order so saying you’re not allowed to communicate with the seller would be false.

There’s a ‘Contact Me’ button by the seller’s name on the gig page. Gotta scroll down a bit to see it. It’s on the right.

As noted, all sellers have a contact me button in their profile. You’re ranting about a non-existent problem. If there is no contact me button in the profile, then that typically means that the person is just a buyer (or they’re on a hiatus or something).

Member since August 2013, but doesn’t know that sellers can be contacted? Strange.

Maybe this is why none of my buyers contact me before ordering. They are just plain stupid.

Err no offense but what are you on about, there’s the “CONTACT ME” button? I specifically ask buyers to contact me first before ordering a gig mainly because of the time zone difference and because I may have others with priority, you need to either read the FAQ or actually open your eyes, LMAO.

Amazing what using your eyes can do isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The stupidity of some humans never fails to amaze to me :stuck_out_tongue:

If you mean on the phone, that’s really not needed. It is what the messaging system is for. We need all communications in writing so that if there are any problems we can show customer support exactly what was said by both parties.

And replace “insertusernamehere” with the person’s username. Yay! Probably unnecessary but I hope that helped someone, lol.