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Contact seller to seller

Hi Experts!
Some times ago I will like a seller post on this forum. After that this seller message me “hey man saw you liked one of my posts on the forums are u interested in any products?”
Is it okay or not?
I will reply to him instantly. saying sorry.
Ahsanul Haque

its okay feel free to reply that you were interested in the forum topic not the product

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No, that’s not ok - it’s spamming


No that’s not ok.
And it’s making me mad greatly when people on the forum start messaging me and if he contacted you through fiverr website and not a forum I would say that you can press “report” button because it’s considered spamming and not acceptable


" In particular, do not contact other users to ask for sales, mentoring, profile or forum help, etc."

The above is from the forum rules: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's