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Contact Support/ Customer Service

I have been through this entire website and its “contact support”. I want to talk to a real person or even email a robot, anything is better than the current setup.

The Terms of Service that you agreed to clearly state that any money that is returned to a buyer is offered as Fiverr credit. We may not like that policy but it is the one that each and every one of us lowly buyers and sellers agreed to.

I have 70 dollars that I’d very much like to retain, but since I’m a lowly “buyer” I can’t get my money out of the account.

It feels as if I’m being punished for the seller being horrible and me cancelling the order.

What? You mean we’re expected to read the TOS when we sign up? Why can’t we just insist on the rules being what we want them to be?

:(( ~X( :((