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Contact with client and TOS

Hello, I am new here and received my first request from a client who has seen my profile and messaged me. I created a custom offer and sent it for his approval via the system. Now, to be entirely correct during this process, I have been through the TOS the nth time and am still confused about one thing: AFTER the contract approval, can we liasie with client directly and out of Fiverr for easier and quicker communication? Of course it is clear to me that all the info re. the project and its completion has to be registered in the system.
But is this client approves my contract, can I finally have a chat by telephone with him or not?
Thanks for your help in clarifying this. :wink:


avoid doing that,there’s no reason for communicating with him outside Fiverr . Simply don’t do that


Thanks for this, okay, do you mean that the TOS binds us to never communicate with clients even after they ahve successfully purchased our custom proposals?
A consultant, in my experience, has a number of good reasons to discuss the project with a client during its progress…

that can be done on Fiverr as well


Hi! Yes, all communications you need to have during the work needs to be in written form through the Fiverr messaging system, so you can be protected at all times.

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Do you mean that there is a telecommunication feature embedded in Fiverr? If you can confirm that, I will look for it, thank you

Thank you Zerlina84 for sharing this. Good that there is “protection”, but once a contract is in place, any obstacle to communication with client does not seem good to me, unless there is a smoothly working platform in FIVERR that allows voice and video communication

I understand what you mean. But believe me when I say that many things can go wrong even after a buyer accepts or makes an order. On an internet platform you never know who is on the other side, it’s a bit trickier than in real life…

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@dponzio May be it’s your client id problem!

Please, what do you mean exactly?

keep going …full support

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Only if you have the permission from Customer Support to get it (and they usually allow it only if it’s impossible to complete the order without it; for example, you can’t give lessons via S.kype if you’re not allowed to use S.kype).


Thanks very much for this tip. I am considering to create a gig for a video-consultation service and I was clueless on how to do that without an internal videocommunication system and without the freedom to hook-up via external video-systems. This helps :wink: