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Contact with old buyer?

HI, I was fiverr level one seller but fiverr banned my ID … Now i want to contact with my old buyer’s … Is there any chance to contact with them?

You can’t… and you may find this new profile banned again soon.

That would be spam to contact your old buyers. You are definitely not supposed to do that. Why was your other account banned?

they said that I have another account. But I don’t know when and why I created my another account?

Why? I didn’t do any crime. I just post this here to know this

It is against the rules of Fiverr to have more than one user account. Ignoring this rule can result in your accounts being banned.

but i have only one account

If Fiverr banned your previous account because they said you have two accounts, then you were breaking the rules of Fiverr. Creating a third account to post here on the forums is still breaking the rules of Fiverr.

Thanks everyone

Don’t worry dear you’re not the only one who they seem go around closing accounts it happened to me also but just pick up and start again one customer service claimed about sending payments during the 45 days clear period something like that up till this day I still await somethings you just have to forget and move on.

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