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Contacted by a blocked buyer?

Greetings, everyone.

After an order, I decided to block a buyer. I made sure to read Fiverr’s “Blocking Certain Buyers” article repeatedly, where they promise the blocked buyer won’t be able to place an order, view my profile, or communicate with me.

Surprise! The buyer contacted me through a message asking for my services again. I went to their profile to check if they remained blocked, but I can see their profile without issue, except the block button seems to be unavailable now.

I post this in the FAQ because I am unsure if this is a bug, or if I misunderstood the blocking feature.

Has anyone had a similar experience?


I blocked someone who was bothering me and they were able to still contact me. I don’t know if they could buy from me but I assume they could. When it works correctly they can’t even see your profile or gigs.

It must be a bug.


I see, thanks a lot for sharing your experience!

It’s rather uncomfortable to reply to someone after you blocked them, but I suppose it’s the only approach left until Fiverr fixes the blocking system. Marking spam would be counterproductive, wouldn’t it?


I blocked someone today and got the message they won’t be able to interact with me and sure enough the persistent hostile questions were stopped immediately.

I really am thankful for the block option.


I blocked someone, and they were able to contact me and I was able to reply back… Through Fiverr application on Andriod, even though on the browser I cannot contact them.
I think that your blocked buyer is using their phone to contact you.

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Yea I have also faced the same issue, I blocked a person who was sending me irrelevant messages. I got that buyer is unable to send me message again but after one minute gone he was able to send me message again and again . and I did not the option to block him again.

That was really very irritated …

Would blocking them on mobile as well as desktop work? Just a thought …