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Contacted by a Blocked Buyer

Good Morning. I hope everyone is having a nice day.
On the 20th of this month, I blocked a buyer.
They wanted to place an order that I wasn’t comfortable doing and so, I politely declined. However, they kept requesting that I take the order.
I blocked them, fearing they would place an order without my consent.

I did this through the Fiverr mobile app since the ‘block’ option doesn’t show on my desktop.
Today, the same buyer contacted me with a Custom Order Request.
How is this possible? Can they still see my profile and gig?
I am extremely confused.
This is the message that they send me:
Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 11.42.25 PM


Hmm, I have never had anyone contact me after being blocked on the app. Usually that happens when you block them on your desktop. I would try unblocking and then re-blocking them.

I already did that through my mobile app, but I am still a bit concerned.
I don’t want it to affect my rating or for him to report me.

Not to worry, Fiverr would not have given us the option if it were a reportable offense. It does not affect your rating.

It happened once to me. I doubled checked my computer and the mobile app. They were definitely blocked. I never heard from them again after that.

I unblocked and then again blocked him through the app, but I find it extremely weird that I cannot see any such option on my browser.
Is that normal?
I read a few other topics and they said that the ‘block’ option only appears on your desktop if the buyer has previously placed an order. Is that correct?

I am not sure of that.

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I think that is correct.

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Since they’ve resorted to communicating via customer offer requests, I’m assuming, they were unable to reach you in any other way (which is good news). And whoever was developing a block feature on fiverr’s side didn’t consider that it was possible to send messages this way.

Maybe they had a tab with with the conversation or your profile open which enabled them to send it? (I’m not sure how custom offer requests work).

I’ve blocked around 10 people in my entire time on the platform, no one has come back yet. And a few of them were persistent to an uncomfortable degree so I’m sure they tried.


I’m not going to lie but that is actually quite reassuring to hear.
I know this is stupid but I have been quite anxious regarding this.

But, I thought people weren’t supposed to be able to view your profile if they were blocked.
If they continue spamming me with these Custom Order Requests, what do you suggest I should do?

You can flag their profile or contact CS with screenshots of you politely declining and them continuing messaging you. One or the other will get them banned eventually. Especially if it’s a newer profile with a few (if any) purchases.

There is also a small chance of them creating a new account (or accounts) to contact you. I’ve noticed that you’re offering writing erotica among other things and I’d assume it exposes you to a higher percentage of creeps on the platform.

As for them not being able to see your gig/profile after being blocked, I don’t know. We’ve yet to hear some creep’s testimony of one of his “favorite” sellers just disappearing. I personally always thought it sounded too good to be true. For instance, you can block a user on the forum so you, in theory, can’t see their posts. Except you can, their every comment gets marked with “hidden reply” or something along those lines in ALL CAPS and you can click it and view it. Which kind of defeats the purpose.

Maybe blocking the site’s user works in a similar way (if at all): you’re supposed to be invisible but you aren’t really.

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I see, this was extremely helpful and thank you for taking the time to reply to me.
I will contact CS if they continue to bother me. Meanwhile, I’ll make sure to add the topic that I will not write about to my gig’s description. Maybe that would help in the future.
Weirdly enough, he didn’t contact me with the erotica gig, in fact people are really polite from that section. Maybe, that is why I was feeling more anxious than I should.
But anyway, thank you again :smile:.

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