Contacted by people trying to buy my fiverr account


I had a really nerve racking couple of days last week, I mean…I am still feeling terrible because I am not sure if the whole ordeal is over. Some days ago I was contacted by around three persons asking me how much my account is going for.

At first I thought it was a joke, so I said, how much are you willing to pay? But to my shock, one of the persons told me that they saw my account for sale on a Facebook group, so I quickly stated that there is no possible way I would sell my profile.

I worked for years to build it from scratch, went through a lot of sleepless nights trying to make my gigs a success. luckily, they gave me all the details that they got from the guy selling my gig, the screenshot of my dashboard, and the links of the Facebook group. I changed my passwords and contacted CS right away.

I almost lost my account, hopefully the situation is resolved now. I saw a lot of other accounts for sale on the groups link, so I think to be on the safe side everyone who read this should make sure that their accounts are secured.

Oh, and to make matters worst, the guy trying to sell my account contacted me on Facebook threatening to make me lose all access to my profile if I didn’t send him $100, he as trying to sell the account for $1000.

Mod Note: To anyone who is asked about selling their account, they should immediately change their passwords including the one to your linked e-mail. Check your payment information is correct and has not been edited and then contact customer support. Don’t respond to the message as that could give the person notice that you know something is wrong.

What a gig? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m really sorry to hear that.

Yes, your account was up for sale on a Facebook group and like I’ve said in a previous post. These people are scammers who pretend to own successful accounts and scam their victims out of their money without providing them with the actual account.


The screenshot of your dashboard is probably doctored. This has happened to another seller, a few years ago. The limits such people can go to, in order to make a quick buck.
Just report that users ID to Facebook for faking their identity, their account will be suspended. When they get back by submitting their true identity, note down their contact details and send them along with the Screenshots, to the local police department. If they are from your country, you can press harassment charges as well.


I dont think it was doctored, it had all the details, down to the exact amount pending and available.


Well, that´s worse then. I do hope Fiverr will take all necessary measures. Depending on the reply, I´d ask to escalate it.


Oh well, that’s weird. Scan your computer for a keylogger. And next time, when you receive a file, first upload it to before accessing it.


Great advice! You have to be extremely careful these days.


Yup! With the evolution of scammers, we have to up our game as well.


OMG, Lastay!

This is BEYOND crazy! :astonished:
I just cannot wrap my mind around this situation. This is a SERIOUS matter, that needs reinforcements to combat this issue.


Wow that is sickening, and I guess thank goodness those prospective “buyers” messaged you to inquire otherwise you might have not of known. Hopefully you have a full resolve and can feel safe here again :slight_smile:



Guys, maybe we should all report that page? The more reporting it, maybe the higher chances for Facebook to remove that page.

I found one page myself, I don’t know if there are more, and after a few quick reads I was sickened, felt like a place where criminals meet to plan their murders… this is wrong on all levels!


That’s the right thing to do. Report this page ASAP.


… the things you can find when you are looking for things … especially ‘entertaining’ to read when scammers are whining about having been scammed or banned. There´s nothing under the sun some people won´t try before resorting to honest work.


Correction: report all thousand pages… just Google it and you’ll see how many pages offer to sell Fiverr accounts :spy:


Fiverr, how about us getting an automatic immediate un-turn-off-able ‘Someone just logged into your account from an unknown device …’ kind of mail, when someone does, preferably with name of device and IP? And when someone changes any vital account info? I know, you´re not Google, but, can you? As for cases where this wouldn´t help, well, you know yourself.

It´s 2am, I´ll report the other 999 pages tomorrow, I guess…


Maybe two-step verification code would be a great thing for implementing.


keylogger sounds about right.
Folks need to also be careful about the attachments they download on here too.


To keep this thread in sight and…any news from CS yet, Lastay?


I am never on FB but I decided to check out the horror of what everyone was talking about and it was worse than I imagined. The review exchange one is the most ridiculous! It is just shouting to be reported!