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Contacted by people trying to buy my fiverr account


No wonder there are disappointed buyers around.


Seriously… if people are constantly buying their reviews, the moment a buyer arrives they’ll have no experience to prove themselves. So I mean it will eventually work out in the long run? :angry:

My mom always told me-
“You get what you put into it. The harder the work, the better the payoff” :yellow_heart:


Well it will - i.e. seller can’t do a job, buyer leaves negative, seller eventually quits because they’re useless, but there will be lots of disappointed buyers, who may never buy anything from Fiverr again.

So, it’s the buyers, the genuine sellers and Fiverr who will suffer because of eedjits I’m afraid. :disappointed:




Yes, they were pretty helpful, told me to change my password and ensure that I am using different passwords for my email, Facebook and fiverr account etc. They said my account looks ok now, so I hope that is the end of it.


After reporting to Facebook two pages that I found selling Fiverr accounts, here’s their official reply:

Apparently everything is peachy - those pages don’t break any rules :sweat: Thank you, Facebook, for making me feel (un)safer.

Either nobody can do a thing about them, or nobody wants to do a thing about them :unamused:

I hope this is not the same as some popular brand names that allow their software to be cracked and used illegally just to gain more exposure :frowning:


Yes, its a bit discouraging.


That’s a bummer. The best option would be a fiverr moderator or admin to go in those groups, post that he is offering reviews for buyers, and people start contacting him, he can start banning them one by one. Of course after getting their fiverr link. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are saying that it is not against fiverr’s terms of service to sell your account.

So best to just forget about it. It’s allowed.


They said that it’s not against one of Facebook’s specific rules / community standards, and when I followed the link to their rules, indeed there was no rule for doing illegal actions :frowning:


Oh I see. So is it in fiverr’s terms of service?


Guess what? Fiverr doesn’t allow it as per the terms:

It’s under the “Abuse and Spam” section.

[edit: maybe Fiverr is referring to account owners doing such actions, not hackers. If a hacker gets your account and sells it, then it’s not in the terms :smiley: :neutral_face: ]