Contacting a buyer who cancelled?


Hiya, I had a buyer place an order for a $5 gig, when they actually wanted a substantial custom order, so I suggested to them that we cancel this gig and they let me know the detailed requirements of what they wanted, so I could give a full quote. They replied back saying sure, great, lets do that, send me the quote, but they also cancelled the order and now I can’t contact them to send them the quote, as they didn’t message me, just put all the comments on the order and now that the order has been cancelled, there is no way to communicate with them.

Is there any way I can contact this buyer directly? Or do I just have to wait for them to hopefully get in touch again? This would be probably a $200 plus order, so I don’t want to just wait for them to get in touch.


To avoid this problem in the future, place a note on your profile that says they need to contact you before ordering to discuss the order. Then in your box that says: instructions for buyer- write that they should have contacted you to discuss the order before purchasing and if they have not, please do so in the messages in order to ensure best quality results. This way they will reach out to you and you have their contact information through Fiverr. Good luck!


@Sue_mcl I had the same thing when I first started. The buyer “booby-trapped” the order, in other words put a cancel on it pending delivery. The wording in the cancellation message is tricky. It wants you to “accept” the cancellation, but when the customer sends a message, it seems as if you are accepting the “terms” of the cancellation, meaning, you agree that the order should be cancelled if you do not deliver within 3 days. It means cancel immediately. So I contacted CS, and there was no way to contact the customer. I had to go out on search engines and track them down by Facebook, which is against the TOS, so I just let it go. Good luck to you.


You can go into your “Manage Sales,” under Sales, and find the “Cancelled Orders.” You should be able to find his cancelled order, and thus his profile, there.


@writerlisaz if I click on his profile, there is no way to contact him.

@teerika, this is the first time in 130 gigs this has happened. I don’t really like seeing the message contact me first before buying - as a buyer it really puts me off, as I then would have to wait for them to get back to me just to order, making the order take even longer and 99% of the time it would just be a message to say sure, place an order - or else sending a million custom orders. If every buyer contacted me before buying I would spend all my time emailing customers pre-purchase and have no time left for work lol!

He did give me a link to the video he wanted me to do a voiceover for in the original message, so I could find him and contact him that way I guess, but is that then a breach of TOC? Even if I redirected him to order from me on fiverr and told me to send a message here?

Tis such a bummer, that now the order is cancelled, all contact ceases :confused:


Reply to @sue_mcl: I totally understand your feelings on this and I can see the problem with the cancellation thing you are facing now. As far as “contact before buying,” when I was new to Fiverr I ordered some gigs from new sellers that I hoped to promote. I ended up with multiple cancellations when none responded in and didn’t deliver. It wasted more time than a 1 minute message when I had to cancel, find another seller and re-order with the credit.

If you add that to the fact that initial contact opens the door to future communication, it’s worth a few moments to me. It doesn’t have to be an hour of message exchange. When I do message just for that, all I look for is a message confirmation that they are good to go. :slight_smile:


Reply to @sue_mcl: That’s funny! I don’t like it when buyers just order without contacting me. It makes me feel like they are being bossy. Work for me! ~snap~ ~snap~ I prefer if they ask if I would like to work with them. I hate feeling bossed around. LOL