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Contacting Buyers Outside Of Fiverr


Hello Dear Forum Members!

Lately I’ve been contacted by a lot of buyers who ask me to contact them on skype or email. I don’t blame them. I code web animations which require a LOT of discussion and the buyers to save time (their and mine) ask me for a call instead of fiverr chat system.

I’ve read the FAQ and at one place it states that contacting outside Fiverr platform is forbidden. On another place it says that communicating outside the platform is okay if the nature of the work demands it.

I’m confused about which path to take. I’ve lost many potential customers because of this. Because I told them that they had to use Fiverr chat system to communicate.

So the million dollar question is that “is it okay to communicate outside of fiverr and keeping the transactions inside the platform? Discussing the project through Email or skype and taking orders from the same client on Fiverr platform? Does Fiverr allow this?”


You don’t seem to have any gigs for them to be asking you about. :thinking:

All communication must be done through the Fiverr message system for your sake and the buyer’s.


LOL I’m a Level 1 seller here. Been working for the past year. I’m not sure why you can’t see my gigs.


Is this your profile please: ?


There you go. Just an underscore missing at the end.


What can you not communicate through this platform that you would send through G-mail? An advantage to staying on platform is that CS can see all if a client accuses you of something nefarious.

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Edit: now I can see,


Good point newsmike. But I also mentioned skype didn’t I? :slight_smile:


Ah fabulous - thank you - it’s a forum bug - removes underscores and adds 1s! :sunny:

Definitely only go through Fiverr messaging!

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hello brother,
it is up to you to decide…Until a lion learns to write,the story will always glorify the hunter.
so watch your back…just do your job and follow the rules…lol:


So are you saying you cannot communicate in writing what you would say in Skype? …


I’m just saying that it is really really quick if my buyers communicate though call on some other platform. And yes sometimes it also becomes necessary because I’ve experienced that in some cases the buyers can’t express him/herself through words. In such cases communication escalates and I also have to do many revisions. In those cases if I have a video call option a lot of this extra work and tension can be avoided.

But I get your point that Fiverr only allows communication through their website. I just wanted to make sure of this since a mistake like this can get my account banned.


You can contact CS and get permission to use Skype if you can convince them that it is essential to your gig. Maybe you could try that. Worst they can say is no.


Hmmm. I just wish Fiverr implements somekind of call option. I think this should have been implemented long ago.

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Noooooo - people can understand me when I type - they would not be able to understand my accent, and I would probably struggle with other peoples’ as well. :neutral_face:


You have a point. I guess both approaches have their pros and cons. Yesterday a buyer contacted me and he was very insistent that I call him or something. So I had to confirm what my options are.

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Because on the other platform that I work on, it’s common to have calls with buyers, I started to work on improving my English accent to “sound” more American. It goes well, but it still needs a lot of practice.

Anyways, in my opinion Fiverr is becoming a more professional site, it isn’t what it used to be “cheap work”, now it’s more focused on higher valued orders. Judging by the implementation of milestones, Fiverr pro, available now feature, the delivery samples, I think that getting an option for video/voice call might be implemented in the near future. Personally, I would hate that feature, I prefer contacting people with a text.

Sometimes to orders that are big and require a lot of messages back and forth, it’s easier to go for a phone call. Usually, all of the clients that I had a phone call or real-life communication, they tend to leave awesome reviews, become regulars, and always tip. IMO sometimes a phone call be a good feature, but not in every case, imagine what would happen with the so-called “dears” :slight_smile:

Anyways, just from curiosity, what kind of accent do you speak? Is it Scottish? (really hard to understand)


Scottish - yes!

Agree about the video/voice calls - text is much easier! :slightly_smiling_face:


You can ask customer support if you are allowed to chat outside of fiverr, this but I don’t recommend any type of communication outside of fiverr for your own sake.


Knew it once you said harder to understand. :blush::blush:

I loved Still Game, but I never learned to impresonate the Scotish accent. Also, both Still Game and Chewin’ the Fat, I was watching them with subtitles.

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