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Contacting Customer Support to Cancel Order

I got an order from a buyer today to set up their blog. But, after checking, I got to know that they hadn’t purchased a domain or a host for their website which basically means I can’t deliver the order.

They do not have enough knowledge on this matter. Now, I am being told that they would like to cancel the order.

Can I contact customer support to cancel the order? Would this help in not affecting my account or my completion rate? What should I do?

Please help.

Unfortunately, you just have to cancel the order and deal with the cancellation. I had a buyer order the wrong gig for a service that I don’t even provide. He wanted an entire “affiliate” enterprise setup, website, email automation, the whole nine yards, for $25.

Then he got really upset when I cancelled the order saying he never got his money back. I asked him to check the balance of his Fiverr account for the refund.

Some buyers just don’t quite understand the system. Best we can do is educate!


I am just really disappointed by this. This would be my 2nd cancellation, both because the buyers didn’t know/ explain their orders properly. My order completion rate would just go down more.

I think I read somewhere in the forum, that requesting the customer support to cancel doesn’t affect the cancellation rate. Just wanted to know more about this.

I don’t know much about that as I’ve been away from the forums quite a bit from being busy.

But one of the things that I found to be very helpful in avoiding these types of things is to have a very clear order description and video explainer. If people are mistakenly ordering your gig for a specific reason, there is your hint to update the description or make a big bold statement.

For example, I provide WordPress optimization services, after having a couple of not so happy clients because they wanted to optimize the MOBILE side of their website instead of the desktop, I put a big bold disclaimer saying that I optimize the desktop version of the website and that mobile speed results may vary.

I also ended up putting a disclaimer about cheap website hosting companies. If you pay $3 per month for your website host and you have 10 websites, you are bound to have a slower website and there isn’t anything I can do about it.

Education my friend!

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Tell me how can a person who sends a buyers request to set up a blog, doesn’t know that they first need to have a website (domain and hosting included) purchased to do it.

How do I put this in my description?

Some people don’t know how the internet works. They just heard the word “blog” and thought they’d try it out. You can put a statement in your gig description that says:

“Prerequisites for this gig: purchase your own domain and web host provider”

Some sellers supply these things. Most don’t.

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It’s written clearly in my FAQs.
This was from a buyer request anyways, so probably the buyer just ordered looking at what I wrote on my offer and the price.
The buyer is new and inexperienced for sure.

Anyway, I sent a mutual cancellation as per their request. Nothing to do. Will just have to work harder to level up the completion rate.