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I have been searching the entire site trying to find a way to contact, really contact, Customer Service to find out how to request the refund of my payment for a job that was not completed because the Seller could not satisfy what I needed. We wound up doing a mutual cancellation. I have gone round and round with no success at connecting with an actual Customer Service, but instead keep getting re-routed back to the same FAQ’s. I am about to give Fiverr a bad review online if I cannot speak with, either via phone or live chat, someone from Fiverr to resolve this issue. Anyone have any suggestions. Thank you.


Yo can contact customer support here:

More importantly:

Fiverr Customer Support


Well, every way you have provided me to be in communication with Customer Service/Support, I had already tried prior to the message I sent about this dilemma. And none of your suggestions actually put me in touch with a live human being to interact with. It is a very clever set up by So, I guess I am stuck to figure this out myself, meaning is going to provide me no assistance in getting a refund of my payment after the Seller was unable to fulfill on his end of the deal. For anyone else reading this exchange, all I can say is, caveat emptor.

pricehall1 said: So, I guess I am stuck to figure this out myself, meaning is going to provide me no assistance
Fiverr Customer Support will assist you, but you have to contact them using the methods they provide. That's just another thing you agreed to when you decided to use the service. It's more like 'buyer read the terms of service before you start complaining'.

Good luck. :)


It’s like “we will give you plenty to complain about so make sure you read this.”


The rules by Fiverr states you can get a refund if this is your first time getting a refund but does noting to hold up that end of their agreement. I have contacte them several times but no answer or reply and no refund to my paypal!!!


You obviously didn’t read the FAQ or TOS very well did you? LOL.


Fiverrs policy violates their agreements with credit card processors–the credit card processors won’t allow merchants to fail to issue REFUNDS when the service is not provided.

File a dispute with your credit card company.


Fiverr does not accept credit cards directly, only through Paypal. Fiverr has no credit card processors.


I submitted a request because of a trust issue and got an email that said
"Welcome to Fiverr’s Customer Support Center. You must register and verify your Customer Support account for your request to be received.

Please follow the link below to choose a password and verify your account, and we will log you in right away.


and when i klicked the link i got to the same page as the one you suggested… so no place to “verify your Customer Support account”. Is this only a confusing wording or do i have to do something else so my request will be processed?

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:


hiii,can you help me


my account is disable…45 days is over,when i submit request ,no one reply me…i wait for 4-5 days ,still i didnot get any reply


I had the feeling I was at least registering for CS twice really or even three times, before it actually worked, if that is any consolation, but eventually somehow it worked and ever since it´s been easy to get in, I don´t have to put in a different password or anything.
But I can only agree that it´s not very straightforward.
My experience with CS, once I´d managed to get to them though, has been good :slight_smile:


I can only say I dealt definitely with individual CS people each of the 3 times I needed help, nothing automated.

And yes, I realize this is an old post, but still, for anyone reading here now, to get different experiences and views.


You need to contact CS, lovisha, this is a forum, for discussions and self-help too, but no ‘official’ people from fiverr CS will read or reply here. You need to go here:
then click the button top right, that should lead you there:


It is really hard to get some things done with the fiverr support without having a number to call :unamused:


It’s really not difficult to use the ticketing system.