Contacting Fiverr support


I was wondering if anyone had any advice on how to go about contacting fiverr support.

Let me describe my issue, maybe someone here can help.

I created my account 4 years ago while I was in university and used my university email address to sign up for my account.

I graduated 2 years ago and have since had my university email address deleted. fiverr wont let me change the contact email address on my account without first going into the existing registered email address (deleted university email) in order to follow instructions.

I would like to keep this account active but it presents a problem when I cant access any security features in any event that I get locked out of my account.

fiverr doesn’t provide any information on contacting a human support team member to assist in this matter.

I am hoping someone on this forum can help me out.


The people who answer support tickets are 100% human. I can promise you that. Have you tried submitting a ticket with your exact question to see what they say? I know that you get ticket confirmations via email and perhaps you can’t see the emails, but as far as I know you can go back to the ticket page and view your activity to see when you’ve gotten an answer.

Yes, it requires a little patience but they do answer if you don’t submit multiple tickets or harass them, and you seem reasonable. You can also wait a week and then take your ticket number to the Twitter Fiverr Support page and ask them to check your number. They may just respond to go back to your ticket activity, but it is a gentle nudge if you don’t panic and do it in 2 days. That’s my best idea!


I’m also new to Fiverr. My problem is I signed up, bought a service and can’t complete the order because Fiverr keeps telling me I need to activate my account. I sure wish I could get in contact with someone from support to help me resolve this issue. I don’t have a lot of confidence in a site with poor customer service. Someone please help.


Try here:

Hope it helps!


Fiverr has a good ticket system that works and the people who answer tickets usually get back with you in a day. It might be two if it’s a high volume day. They do answer tickets, though. There is a post pinned in the top few in this Fiverr FAQ category called How to Submit a Support Ticket with step-by-step instructions.


If you know “Security Questions” I think you can change your email !

I know it will get time but this is for our security, but I think you can change it after Fiverr will understand your problem!

So contact them and provide many facts and also tell them you know security questions!

And also if you can’t find solution on Fiverr, contact your university to activate your email only for 24 hrs or something like that, because you have an important account on this email!

I hope you will solve it!

Best wishes!


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