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Contacting Fiverr...?


Am I missing something, or is there no way to contact Fiverr? It won’t work for me. The main page won’t show up. Just shows the circles working for hours, and this has been happening for days… I need to order a gig ASAP! How am I supposed to ask them for help? Submit a Request doesn’t help because it won’t let me type anything specific, and none of their topics apply.


This person had similar issues and the responses might help:

If the ticket you open doesn’t have a perfect match, choose something anyway. You’ll get to a field you can type in. Don’t click the colored hyperlinks to help articles. Just use the drop downs, text fields and buttons.


Fiverr’s been a bit slow for me as well. I noticed earlier today that the to-do page simply wasn’t loading (just the sidebars, but the actual to-do list simply wouldn’t load up), yet the forum loaded up at its regular speed. I found that waiting for 10 minutes or so and trying again works best. Hope they fix it soon though, it can be a bit annoying when you’re ready to get to work and can’t…