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Contacting information

Hello my buddies, i hope you are doing well…
i am a fashion designer. my question is i want to share a screenshot of card given by my USA client. i made a design for him and i ask about the address of printing company and he told me you can give me my card to your buyers and then he can make contact with me and i can make the hoodies, tracksuits, shorts etc. and now my question is can i share his contacting info with my buyer. i have many buyer they usually ask me to recommend the best manufacturing company. Thank you so much for your time


Let me make sure I understand this correctly.

A previous client of yours is a tailor/clothing manufacturer, who said you can direct recommendations to them. You want to know if this is permitted.

Even if this is permitted, I’m not sure it’s a good idea. You’ve done one job for them, but that doesn’t tell anyone if they’re any good at their job. Therefore, you cannot recommend them in good confidence, much less claim them as “the best” in the business.

Just because a company is a leading contender doesn’t mean they’ll work well with everyone. If you want to be able to recommend with confidence, you need to research the manufactures yourself.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, please provide more details.