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Contacting Present Buyers


Can it be good gesture, if I contact my satisfied buyers for more orders?
Your suggestions are highly appreciable.:grinning:

Thanks & Regards
Designer Stroke

Mod Note: Please be aware that if a buyer reports you for sending them a message you might get an account warning or be banned.


Only if they told you to contact them. If they didn’t, and you contact them anyway, they can report you for spamming, and you can get your messaging disabled (or your account banned).


Thanks Catwriter,
They told me that they will contact me for new orders in future. So I have to wait till then. Isn’t that?

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Yes, the best thing to do is to wait until they contact you.

Just keep in mind that many buyers say that they will contact you for more work, but not everyone does it (so, don’t feel disappointed if they just disappear and never show up again, it happens).


Thanks Catwriter for your kind advise :slight_smile: Regards


You’re welcome, good luck! :slight_smile:

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You are right my old account was banned just because I contacted them again and sent them new offers


yea, many of fiverr seller account was banned for this reason as far i know.

You should not have to send them offers.

If you were friendly with them at the time of project then you may also contact them.

It is not necessary to ask for work, you may greet them.

Thank you.

Yes you are right now would be careful

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I might leave in my review of them “I look forward to working with you again”, or “let me know if I can help you with anything else”

Most of the people who order from me are very busy. Their time is valuable. No need to bother them while they are working at something else. They almost always come back when they have the time and the need. If not, maybe they decide to try someone else for the next project. If you provide the best service, they will come back to you after.

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Yeah buyer can ask anything from you and msg you whenever they want but if you contact them you will be banned
This is totally unfair

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And they can report you for spamming (because they didn’t ask you to message them), and you can get your messaging disabled, or your account banned.


I always do friendly behaviour with my buyers

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And I just sent them offers I don’t think this is wrong but they reported

yes ,you are right.we should remember this point.

It’s wrong to spam your previous buyers with unwanted offers. It’s also unprofessional and annoying, not to mention that, by doing it, you’re giving them an excellent reason never to buy from you again.


I wrote if you were friendly with them.

I greet to my clients if i see they are online.

But I do not say that Give me work, I need more work, I never send them offers.

So why contact them? All you’re doing is wasting your time and theirs. All it will take is for one person to complain…:wink:


They are my repeating buyers. We have to be friendly with them.

I have made a long-term working relation with them.