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Contacting Seller Policy



I want to know that suppose i want to hire for my WordPress project, so for that there are two method

  1. Posting a Buyer Request
  2. Searching relevant gig

I wana discuss the option no 2 here.

Suppose i have search few gigs which are relevant to my task, so i will inbox them.
Now i want to ask that, what’s the Fiverr policy regarding contacting seller?

How many sellers i can contact them by sending message simultaneously?
As I frequently need to hire persons so can I contact as many times as I want to sellers or is there any restriction on contacting sellers for any specific time period?


Sending “some” number of the same messages to multiple sellers will probably get your messages auto-categorized as spam but what that number is … I fear you’ll have to ask customer support.

Maybe it would help to not use the exact same text but add “Hello (seller name)”, …" but, again, how different the text would have to be … I don’t think anyone here on the forum knows.

You can contact support by sending a ticket: (Scroll down to “Contact Us”)


You should try to filter out 2-3 sellers and message them with the project brief. If you’re planning to message 5+ sellers then most likely you haven’t gone through a proper vetting process which is a waste of time for sellers because only one will get the job.

Probably even a better solution is to pick 2-3 sellers, give them a test job and of course pay for it. That way the seller gets paid, it won’t be a spam and once you find a good seller continue working with them.