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Contacting Sellers directly

Hello Fiverr Community,
I am a freelancer creating promotional videos for many business.
I am planning to create a Gig “Make Fiverr Gig Video” for fiverr sellers.
Is it against TOS of Fiverr?
I saw that many freelancers are creating videos for fiverr sellers.
If i create such gig and start talking with sellers and asking for gig video for their gigs directly on fiverr , Is that also against TOS of Fiverr?
Please suggest me.

Creating such a gig is not against Fiverr’s Terms of Service. I’m sure that there are sellers who would be interested (just in case: this isn’t an invitation for anyone to message me and offer me their services).

However, sending unsolicited messages to other users in order to promote your services is considered spam. It’s also a violation of ToS, and would first get your messaging disabled, and, if you do it again, it could lead to a ban, too.


As catwriter said you can create such a gig but then you need to wait for buyers to come to you. You cannot contact anyone asking them to buy your gig or promoting it to them.


Thanks @misscrystal Thanks for comment

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Catwriter was kind enough to give you an in-depth comment. You should’ve acknowledged her, while you were giving out your thanks.