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Contacts in Fiverr's Menu Bar

I have just noticed Contacts in Fiverr navigation bar.:slight_smile:


showing Buyers who have purchased Gigs from User and Sellers from whom User have purchased Gigs.

It’s interesting, that User may directly contact previous Buyer with “Send Offer” button.

Seems new to me or I did not know about it yet? :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, it’s interesting. Just got it after your post.

Huh. Something new to poke at.

Any theory as to it’s intended purpose?

No idea so far.

It’s possible it’s existing there for longer time but I just did not know about… It was my missclick that opened Contacts page. :smile:

I see it that way that Sellers have opportunity to contact their previous Buyers with Send Offer.

Such action would be considered as spam in Messages but not here in Contacts, I guess.

Not really new, it was there for a while.

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In contact you only see the buyer list of you. It’s an old option.

It’s been since I joined Fiverr myself. That’s an old feature.

Well, that feature was there for more than a year.

However, it’s really awesome. We can check about our priority buyers with maximum spendings and so on.