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Contd Discussions About Level Updates - St. Levels Day - Pt 2

After that notification “you have been nominated ----- 48 hours …”

I am seeing this in my analytics:
“Top Rated Sellers are selected manually. We will review your performance at the next evaluation date and determine your eligibility for this level.”

This means I haven’t chosen for TRS, right?


Hey guys, I have a question and need some clarification.

I was just demoted to Level One after being a Level 2 seller for a year.

The next evaluation cycle is in 60 days.
Level 2 requirements for TRS say you have to be a Level 2 seller for at least 180 to be eligible.

Does this mean that I will have to re-do that entire 180 day period once I eventually get back to Level Two? Or, since I was Level 2 before, will that requirement be filled?


They probably want you to stay at level 2 for 180 days before you go to TRS. It would make sense since they want to see if you can manage to maintain at least level 2 over a period of time first. I doubt if anyone would ever go directly from level 1 to TRS.


I can’t confirm if that is the case but my reading of it would be the same as @misscrystal’s above


Can some one please tell me on this?
And is the update for TRS is out yet or not?


I think it’s a matter of patience – and waiting for an update on your account. What you’re seeing is a standard update. Because you have been “nominated” and nominees are “hand picked” there’s likely an additional review of your account. They probably predicted an influx in CS tickets following St. Levels Day, and that is why they have that 48 hour window to get back to you.

They are likely dealing with an overwhelming number of queries related to level demotion.

The message says within the 48 hour period, you can expect something within that 48 hours… either a YAE or a NAY

It hasn’t been 48 hours has it?


If you were demoted solely on your on time delivery there are a few things I have found out, a little about me, I am a top rated seller, I work full-time on this website. I do very much dislike this new system.

If you were demoted based only on your delivery time there is something messed up about the way they rank this that I have just confirmed and you might be able to get your level back if you can research if this happened to you.

So evaluations started on November 14th, everyone seems to believe this is when they started counting late orders, this ISN’T the entire truth. During this time I am quite certain I didn’t deliver 1 late order because I was very nervous about losing my status. After consulting with a Fiverr representative I found out I had 13 late orders counted against me, this 100% impossible. Here is what I found out.

If you had a late order before November 14th and that order got finalized after November 14th, that order was counted late.

So for example, if you were an hour late delivering an order on November 10th, and revisions on that order took it over to November 15th, that order was still counted against you as late, because it was finalized after November 14th.

This to me doesn’t seem fair as the orders in question were before the evaluation period AND this was not explained properly to us.

I’m lucky that I kept my top rated rank, but this is something you should look into if this effected you, I would hate to see anyone lose ranking based on something they could not control, or know about at the time.


Right their with you and dont forget about the buyers who do not read your gig and place a order and then want to cancel.


Excellent advice. The new system will surely help in maintaining the standard of work carried out here.


after evaluation i have no level


Check the thread you created. You did not meet the earnings requirement


Same here, no reply from CS, however, in order to be considered for TRS you need to have good earnings and not argue with CS :smiley: For me personally the second point is quite difficult to achieve :stuck_out_tongue:


Some interesting xtics of the new system.

It means you WILL move during the next employee evaluation. Either up, if you did good… or down if you didn’t do good. There is no middle ground, you can’t “keep” your level, unless you get to one extreme of the scale.

If the trend is consistent we’ll see another wave of level 2 sellers dropping every 15th, coupled with level 1 dropping. …since the conditions are pretty much the same for every level now (apart from amount earned and orders completed)

Is this a subtle way of making us increase our prices if we have to work so hard to keep our level? …coupled with the far less competition at the top? :thinking:


Aww! I didn’t get any notifications about demoting/promoting/continuing my current level. So, I didn’t even notice. :scream:


yes that is right that is too difficult for new seller


The new level system is a bit disheartening. I met and exceeded all requirements (since I’ve been a Level 2 Seller for almost 4 years now), and while I will remain at my level, I was passed on for TRS. They didn’t offer any reason as to why I was passed, just to make sure all gigs are different and clear.

I don’t want to say anything terrible about the platform because I truly love working here, but it’s frustrating to work so hard with barely any payoff from the site itself. The new level system was apparently supposed to take into account if sellers have met their requirements, but they’re clearly still basing their opinions and decisions on something else too.

Like I said, I don’t want to sound like I’m ungrateful or complaining, but after four years on the site, this new system has really disheartened me.


This isn’t part of the new leveling system.

It’s how it’s always been for TRS.

The only difference now is that they tell you what’s the criteria to be considered for TRS status.


There have been forum notices around for weeks. Did your level even change?


I don’t understand your logic. My stats were “good” and not extreme. My level didn’t go up or down and probably won’t in the next eval either.


Staying the same, isn’t necessarily bad - depending on what your aspirations are. Staying the same - means you’re consistent - met the necessary criteria – and did great, particularity if you’re level 2, and you will continue to stay at that level- if you do exactly as you have been doing.

If you want more opportunities, and advantages of working on fiverr, then your goal is to do “better” - so you rise, in fiverr rankings.

That said - I think criteria should be based on what seller’s CAN CONTROL - and buyers cancelling for various reasons affecting completion rate needs to be re- considered.We can’t control that.

That is the only really frustrating part of this new ranking system, to me.