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Contd Discussions About Level Updates - St. Levels Day - Pt 2


There have been forum notices around for weeks. Did your level even change?


I don’t understand your logic. My stats were “good” and not extreme. My level didn’t go up or down and probably won’t in the next eval either.


Staying the same, isn’t necessarily bad - depending on what your aspirations are. Staying the same - means you’re consistent - met the necessary criteria – and did great, particularity if you’re level 2, and you will continue to stay at that level- if you do exactly as you have been doing.

If you want more opportunities, and advantages of working on fiverr, then your goal is to do “better” - so you rise, in fiverr rankings.

That said - I think criteria should be based on what seller’s CAN CONTROL - and buyers cancelling for various reasons affecting completion rate needs to be re- considered.We can’t control that.

That is the only really frustrating part of this new ranking system, to me.


Thanks for asking. Nope! it didn’t. I was in vacation mode for almost a month. But my analytics page was all Green :heart_eyes: and now I’m selling again holding the same badge. :slight_smile:


Sounds normal, then. :slight_smile:


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Sorry by extreme I meant your level…

so if you’re level 0 you’re at one extreme and can’t move any lower. If you’re level 2 you’re at another extreme (sort of) unless you get selected.

For example, if a level 2 has 4.7 average ratings in the last 60 days, he drops to level 1. If he has THE SAME 4.7 at the next evaluation, he drops to level 0.

Now let’s say he manages to improve to 4.81 average in the last 60 days. He’ll rise to level 1. If he maintains THE SAME 4.81, he will rise the next month to level 2.

For such a person, it is impossible to remain at level 1 for any 2 consecutive months.

…get it?


Yep, that clears it up some. I agree that the issue of continually dropping levels could be an issue for some people. My hope is that Fiverr will continue to make adjustments on the level system after observation, since I think part of their goal here might be to improve the overall quality of the site. I could be wrong, but I try to be positive when I can.


Continually increasing levels too :grinning:


Hey next evaluation is Valentine’s Day! Things are going to get very interesting.

Hope that wasn’t the plan all along hahaha


I’m in the same boat. I way exceed all of the requirements and still got passed on for TRS. I thought it would be different on the new system, but it’s still just do your best and hope. I’ve reached out several times for the specific requirements of reaching TRS, but every time I ask I’m told, “It’s manual”. It is very frustrating as a freelancer to work to reach for goal that may not be there, no matter what you do. So in short, I feel your pain.


I basically got demoted back to a Level One seller because I refuse to reply to sexual harassment.

I regularly receive inappropriate message and proposals from men in my inbox. When I don’t reply immediately or repeatedly it hurts my response rate?

WOW! Bravo Fiverr for punishing female sellers for refusing to reply & engage with sexual harassment.


If you had used the report button in these cases that would have been considered your reply in these sort of instances


You don’t have to reply with a nice response. You can just use a canned reply that says “Reported” and then hit the button. Sometimes it takes twice but it does block the user from messaging you after that. It’s entirely up to you and I’m sorry you got demoted, but you can build your profile back up by changing your practices a little bit. I get spam too but if my gigs are doing well otherwise, I consider it worth it. Good luck.


So please forgive me if this has already been discussed somewhere already,;
for now I am still a TRS, but I’m not feeling all that comfortable since the next evaluation will be here next month. (I am trying to stay positive though…)

In the analytic page it says “Receive and complete at least 100 orders (all time)”,
but I’m a bit confused here. I do NOT get 100 orders in a month, that’s for sure, so how do they check the number of orders? Do you need to get 100 orders every 3 months, 60 days, how does this work?


More than 100 since you started, which you’ve done already! :slightly_smiling_face:


Of course increase the prices is the right way…


Nope, your seller days are being added up. 60 as a new seller, 120 days(use 30 days more) as a L1 and then 180 days (use 60 more after getting to L2) as a L2


i think @misscrystal is right you can’t directly go to TRS you’ll have to stay at level 2 for 180 days!


Heh. The level demotion sounds to me like a way for Fiverr to bust down “certain” accounts for whatever reason. I had been a level two seller for about 4 years or more. They knocked me down to level one because my Maintain a 4.8 star rating, over the course of 60 days section dropped from 4.8 to 4.5. This is because a client who I delivered an order to was upset that I wouldn’t create a misleading pictorial for his sponsored Facebook ad. So he gave me a 3 star rating post-delivery.

Meanwhile my Deliver 90% of your orders on time, over the course of 60 days section dropped from 90% to 86%, thanks to an order I delivered for a client who didn’t provide me with the necessary components to complete the order on time. I sent out an “extended delivery” request to the client and he didn’t decline nor accept the offer. I visited the fiverr “gig issues” area and sent a transmission to fiverr for the extension request with text that read “buyer needs to provide more components in order for me to complete.” I did everything right prior to the 2 day window (48 hours) I had to complete the order. Yet they decided to hold that against me anyways. I completed the order though as the buyer eventually did show back up to provide the needed materials. He didn’t leave final feedback but within the messaging area said he was pleased with the final delivery.

Anyways, over the weekend I delivered another order for a person looking for social media advertising. I delivered on time, and the buyer left an ultra positive review. Yet for some reason, Fiverr has yet to count this order towards my analytics rating nor my On-time delivery percentage. INTERESTING… to say the least.