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Contemporary Composer 1st Gig

Here’s my first gig —

Feedback is very welcome. I wasn’t sure whether to include commercial use prices or not, so would like an opinion on that. Also, these prices are cheaper than i would like to help me get started, so it might be a very good idea to get a job done now :slight_smile:


  • KJ

Nice! There is definitely a decent amount of demand for your service on fiverr and to collect a few initial reviews your pricing seems fair. Heads up, chances are you will be asked for many free samples, often samples you would need to specifically compose according to provided details. If you do not use a “demo-overlay” when sending your samples it can happen that someone takes your work and runs. Not going into the sample business altogether is a very good alternative too :slight_smile:

Wish you lots of success, your demos sound quite good!

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Thank you tomconti
Appreciate the tip (anything I’ve used in the gig itself is all copyrighted and on sale) - I’ll be sure to create an overlay for any samples, yes.

All the best to you too! :sunglasses:

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