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Content And Vulnerable

So, ˝content˝ and ˝vulnerable˝, even though I know the meaning from dictionary, I still don´t get it what they really mean. I would be very happy if you can give me examples of when you feel content and when you feel vulnerable. Believe it or not, I found it difficult to spell vulnerable, so what I did was to search the right spelling on Google and copy paste here.

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“Content” is being happy with one’s current situation. Right now, I am content with how things are going on Fiverr; I’m getting sales and positive reviews.

“Vulnerable” is feeling a little unsafe but not so far as ‘afraid’. Like, when I fell in love with my boyfriend, I was vulnerable because there was the possibility of being hurt by him. There still is that possibility, but I feel more secure in our relationship, so I don’t feel as scared of being hurt.


@tee_hi Thanks for the answer. So, I can say I am content with my husband and my dogs. I think for me ˝content˝ is much easier to understand than ˝ vulnerable˝. So, when let´s say I am afraid of snakes, can I say I am vulnerable of snakes?


Exactly! But with vulnerable, it may be more correct to say that you’re vulnerable to being bitten. Vulnerable is more about being open to something happening (being hurt, being bitten, being cut, for instance) than about the thing that may cause the pain…Sorry if that was too wordy; it’s hard to explain.


@tee_hi I see. I really appreciate your explanation, TY. I think it´s clear now :slight_smile:

If you don´t mind, can I ask you if it´s correct or not the way I use it in these two sentences, just to make sure I understood it really well?

1). I´m scared of flying, I feel vulnerable when I´m in a plane (during the flight).

2). One of my old dogs is super old, I feel vulnerable everytime I think of he doesn´t have many more days left to be with us, he could leave us anytime.

My understanding now is, vulnerable is very similar to worries, is that correct? Sorry for the trouble.

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I guess another way of saying it is that when one’s vulnerable, they’re in a position of having something DONE to them; it’s about the action itself rather than the thing that is doing the action…So in your example, you’re in a position to BE bitten; the snake would just be the one doing the biting.


#1 is correct, #2 is a little difficult to say; another word may be better, but it’s not completely incorrect.


@tee_hi Okay thanks a bunch for answering my questions. Have a nice day! :slight_smile:


You’re quite welcome; you have a great day, too! :smiley:


“Content” is like a shape shifting monster which changes its meaning according to the context.

Check this out :

I am content with the fact that my laptop has good content.

The first instance of ‘content’ means ‘satisfied’ and the second instance means ‘good stuff’.

‘Vulnerable’ is relatively straightforward.

You are apprehensive of snakes because you are vulnerable to venom.

Vulnerability stems from a real threat, and apprehension comes from a perception of that threat.

To straighten out the nuance further :

  • All humans are vulnerable to venom, but all of them may not be apprehensive of snakes.

  • At the same time, there might be people who are apprehensive of snakes even though it is a non-venomous snake, but they are not vulnerable.


@silkroute Thanks a bunch for the explanation. Especially how you explain how people in general feel about snakes, now I really get it :slight_smile:

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English is a funny language. In fact, it isn’t one language, it is three little kids stacked on top of each other, wearing a trench coat, claiming to be a single person.

Latin + Greek + French = English.

Here’s some fun stuff just to mess with your head :

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@silkroute :joy:


This is for real? God, Indian companies have lost it then. Really happy I work for myself. Political correctness gone mad. This is what happens when you let too many HRs run the show.

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The company culture has nothing to do with it. The HR is there not to solve employee issues, but to mitigate lawsuits against the company, so if a complaint arrives, they have no option but to urge the complainant to file a written account of their experience. Not doing so could lead to repercussions for the company.

It is their way of shifting the narrative from ‘employee vs hostile work environment’ to ‘employee vs other employee’. That way, they get to insulate the company from any blame, by reducing it down to ‘individual behavior’.

Funny story…I worked for an MNC a few years back. Word got around that I was too arrogant and did not respect my seniors. So the HR summoned me and told me how grateful I should be for wearing the company tag. I told her, “yeah, I am so grateful that I could literally pay the company the salary they pay me, and pay your salary too…” And I quit. :joy:


Bhai, you have arelaxed attituden attitude problem only people backed up by bronze tax certificates can afford. :wink:

(I’m out of hearts again BTW, but some of those would have been wasted on posts with a short shelf life anyhow :p)


I like your attitude! Way to go! :slight_smile:


He is a very good tax payer, isn´t he? :slight_smile:


Language barrier, LOL

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