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Content cross-referencing for forum/gigs

Content cross-referencing for forum/gigs. Essentially, something to check the content before it’s posted.

I see people stating that their content was taken word for word from their gig description. A cross-referencing of the description with another can easily tell if the content was mentioned anywhere else on the page.

In regards to Fiverr’s forum, a simple crawler to search the content post and similar posts on both Fiverr and online can easily trace back and flag posts. Repeated posts mentioning the same or similar phrases in more than one thread could be flagged automatically too. Further cross-referencing such as for known spam websites that have been reported online could be traced back, too. I get so excited about some threads I want to respond to only to find out that they were ripped from somewhere else and the user is claiming it as their own content.


Huh, I didn’t realize people were posting material plagiarized from elsewhere on the forums. Bad enough it happens with gigs. I think a system to automatically flag suspicious posts would be beneficial, although I can see some possible problems because when discussing particular topics, certain phrases are often repeated in the course of the discussion. But definitely, once a certain number of words are written it should be possible to screen them for repeated groups of words and phrases and compare them to previous threads. And maybe it would cut down on people asking almost exactly the same questions, sometimes within hours of each other, then expecting more experienced members to offer detailed, specific solutions…instead of just using the forum search engine to find the answers themselves~!

@celticmoon Yeah, some of them are pretty obvious. I was reading a post about backlinks on Fiverr’s forum and it sounded very familiar… almost like I read it before. I did a simple search online and traced it right back to where I read it originally. In regards to forums it doesn’t happen as often, but when people literally rip content from other gigs and put it in their own, you think they would have something to combat that.

I know that they have some image protection in place, but in regards to content if they do it doesn’t really do it’s job too well. I am always skeptical of those that write really long posts about how to work on Fiverr and yet, only have a few orders in total and just joined the site a month ago. Not to say all long posts are necessarily not the content they wrote, but I tend to expect the worse if the user is way too new to be giving advice about Fiverr.

Yeah, in a previous discussion I mentioned to actually screen out those asking similar questions and pop up an alert saying something in regards to, “Did you search the forum for this, yet?” And bring up all the relevant discussions that they were typing. Lots of simple solutions to these things but unfortunately I am not sure if any will ever be implemented.

@kjblynx Yeah unfortunately off-site Fiverr can’t do much about it, but when it’s on their own site I would think they would be taking the time to implement such measures. They do for images, I don’t see why they don’t seem to for content written.

Reply to @kjblynx: Unbelievable! People like that obviously think that plagiarism is a sincere form of flattery, when all it really is, is a blatant demonstration of their own stupidity.

It’s just so infuriating, though. I despise that level of laziness~

Reply to @freelancemm:

freelancemm said: I am always skeptical of those that write really long posts about how to work on Fiverr and yet, only have a few orders in total and just joined the site a month ago.

I thought is was just me!! I'd read these "how-to" posts from people I've never heard of before, then look at the profiles or sales history and go," huh? What am I missing here?" It took me ages to feel comfortable enough to offer advice, to feel I had enough experience here to share anything that might be helpful. But yes, I can see those kinds of posts being just another ploy to bring attention to their gigs: "Look at me! I'm wise in the ways of online selling! And I'm going to share 'my' wisdom (stolen from only the best) with you for free! Now come look at my gigs, buy from the smart guy."

@celticmoon Yeah, unfortunately without proper measures in place it’s just going to keep happening. There is actually a few threads on here that have a good bit of people praising the user for coming up with some great advice but in reality, it’s just content ripped from a page online. Albeit, it could be content they wrote somewhere else, but I seriously doubt it. I am not sure if any of them are left, but it’s just frustrating when they claim it as their own.