Content posted without permission on youtube


I got a message on facebook today with a link to a youtube channel that has ripped about 10 of my fiverr delivered orders out of my like preview and posted them without my permission, i also noticed some other sellers popping up on the channel too, so they arent just targeting me by any means. can customer support help us with anything like this, or would it be taken over by youtube customer support. what are some ways we can protect our services from being downloaded from the life preview?


Reply to @celticmoon: my issue was that the videos were all grabbed from my live preview. i also, with a bit of digging, found a facebook page, where they were pretending to be me[all while using live preview photos from various gigs]. they even had photos posted from my latest orders, so think i am on the ropes of stalking at this point too.

i mean i guess i could just put big nasty watermarks on the work until i think this person has stopped harassing me. i kind of suspect it may be another fiverr user, just based on how much of my content has been stolen. #betterprotectionforsellers #comeonfiverr #youdonthaveasitewithoutus


I doubt if Fiverr can do anything about YT content. I would address my concerns to their support.

Watermark your work, including audio and video files. In fact all work should be watermarked until a buyer has accepted it as is, no more revisions, then you should send a clean product.