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Content writer copied 4 different articles word for word

I ordered an article from a Fiverr provider and the first one was very well written. I was so impressed that I left a tip that matched the purchase price and immediately ordered three more. Since she had good feedback I didn’t run copyscape and created 4 new pages on my site with custom images, modules, etc for the article. As I was proofreading the final page, a phrase jumped out at me. I Googled it and found the exact article on another site. So I checked the other three and found that they were copied word for word too. She didn’t even spin them. What is the best way to handle this after the transaction has been completed?

Same here, I was searching for good content writers and I stumbled upon few with good feedback, so I thought I might try them. Turns out they simply copy and paste from other articles on the net. Bastards, they scam people, they should be banned from Fiverr.

I had someone steal a logo - and deliver it to me… ugh. I hate that I paid someone for stealing. ! And they had good ratings too!

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~ give your review in feedback if order is completed (you can edit a review for 14 days after gig is marked completed)
~ or cancel the order if order is not completed.

WEll, first I would ask if the seller was offering completely original content. Then I would check to see if those articles she sent where one of those free you can repost type of things.

But ultiamtely if you got something different than what her gig said, you should contact customer support and ask for a refund.

In this situation, as the gig has been marked as complete it’s probably best to go to customer support with the copy proof. They will take on the case and deal with the seller appropriately (you would also likely be refunded).

Thanks. I just decided to check another article from another provider. This one has a positive feedback of 14k+. I checked the article and it too was copied word for word from another website. How are these fraudsters getting away with this? I spent over $13 k on one of Fiverr’s competitor sites last year and was very excited to learn about Fiverr. So far I am very disappointed. My articles are 5 for 5 being 100% copied and pasted from other sites. Not off to a good start here

Thanks. I think I put too much stock in the person because they had over 14k positive reviews and was Fiverr recommended. I would not have even minded as much if they had taken the time to spin the article. It’s not what I paid for, but hey, it’s only 5 bucks so I wouldn’t complain. But they didn’t even do that. They just copied and pasted an article and sent it to me. I left a review stating such but once the refund once processed, the review was removed and apparently the provider is left untouched to continue ripping off buyers who do not do due diligence. I just wish I had known before I spent hours creating the pages on my site and doing the SEO work on junk article. Lesson learned.

As an article writer myself, I would take any profile with 14K+ positive reviews on artices with a very large dose of salt. 14 thousand articles would take several professional lifetimes to write, and to be honest, I do not think it is possible for any single person to produce that many original articles even if they live to be a 102 years old.

It could be that these 14k reviews were aggregated from various gigs, some of which are literally take 2 minutes to do. (like an ebook delivery/“I will take a photo of me saying you’re awesome” type of gig, for example). Either way, very poor form to just nick content outright! I would think Customer Support would refund you if you show them proof.

I’m also an article writer, and that also upsets me greatly. Really sorry that it happened to you. I would def. contact CS, let them know what happened and get your money back.

Reply to @sims1611: Clearly I don’t approve or applaud what these sellers are doing. It’s flat out against the rules, wrong, and shouldn’t happen. If you paid for original writing and didn’t get it, you should get a refund. (Mind you, some people DO pay for spun content, PLR, etc. so that’s a different matter.)

I doubt you’ll have any problem getting your funds back if you contact Customer Support and it’s even possible they’ll ban the user(s) who did this. The thing is, though, in all situations where merchandise is purchased online or offline, there is a certain degree to which you have to watch out for yourself. People have walked into nice stores thinking they were buying a Gucci bag and ended up with a $20 fake. Again, realize, I’m not defending the sellers. I’m just saying it’s always a good idea to double check these things.

Reply to @sims1611: Did the gig you bought state that they were offering original written content?

Reply to @reinier01: great point! Especially because it will show how long someone has been a member of Fiverr.