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Hey guys,
I’m a new Freelancer, love to work with Fiverr Community. I’m a British Graduate from Cardiff Metropolitan University and MBA from Gloucestershire University, I have multiple experiences in International business markets. I believe Fiverr will help me grow and earn well with my developer Skills. I have 12+ years of English Writing, Speaking, Reading and listening experience in academic and professional sectors. I’m a Front-end website developer as well. Please do contact me with your requirements.
I’m looking forward to working with you…
Thank you


you welcome to the Fiverr Forum
best wishes.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you @emrlanka. :slight_smile:

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You are such an one man army but i feel concentrate on an one skill its better for a freelancer its my opinion that’s it @ash_shahin

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Thank you for your advice brother @rakibul_civil
I’ll take care of it. Content writing and web development is interlinked and I do not want to loose any client because of proper content if they don’t have.

Welcome to fiverr forum @ash_shahin

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Welcome to Fiverr! This is a great community of buyers and sellers. There is especially lots of people looking for your services. All the best @ash_shahin


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Thank you @studio6vo I’m ready to work. Excellent! :laughing:

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You are welcome to fiverr.
You have an nice profile!

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Thank you darling @writer_lovelady

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Thank you very much!!

One piece of advice for you @ash_shahin , perhaps sellers in the forum might not care if you address them as darling. However, you need to make sure you don’t address your fiverr clients as

  1. Dear
  2. Darling
  3. Sweetie
  4. Bestie
  5. Sugar Boo
  6. *Sweet Pie *
  7. My love

This is not a “romance cubicle” it’s a professional freelancing platform. This is regarded as being manipulative. Be friendly but yet professional.

Well, I read about this, not like I really know :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Noted @writer_lovelady

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‘Dear’ is a 100% formal acknowledgement word worldwide, in every formal letter we normally start with DEAR Sir/ madam or if we know the name we write surname in formal terms after DEAR. I’m sure you read any formal email or letter.

DARLING is bit informal but not really up to romantic? I’m not in Fiverr for romance I must clear you mam. I’m afraid to say that you are not a darling at all @writer_lovelady

In your first massage you wrote in quotation “unbelievable”, may I ask you what do you mean by the quotation mark?

Thank you for your professionalism lessons but you put 8 times lol emogi? Are you laughing at me, I’m not your friend, be professional madam!!! I’m new in Fiverr not in professional world.
Thank you!!!

Have a nice day mam @writer_lovelady

Your response was wonderful.

Writing “dear sir…” in a professional form letter, is not the same as saying, “thank you, dear”. The context of both options is very different. Fiverr is not a form letter, nor is it appropriate to refer to anyone you do not know personally as, “dear”. “Dear” outside a form letter is a term of endearment. You are not endeared to any of us on this forum.

Saying, “thank you dear”, or even, “thank you darling” as you did say, is the same thing as saying, “thank you, buttercup”, or, “thank you, my beloved”. You wouldn’t say those things to a stranger, so why would they be appropriate to say to strangers here on the forum of a business website?

Yes, as you said… please be professional. “Dear” and “darling” are not professional forum terms. Please stop using them as such.

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Thank you @jonbaas for your kind words. I’m afraid to say that I was not happy to see her comments in quotation ( “unbelievable” profile… )she said earlier in her massage. This is why I politely said “thank you darling…” it was just an expression of taking her comments in a positive way, nothing else. I don’t know her at all and I’m sure she doesn’t know me either and she is laughing at me very professionally. I’ll take care of these things next time.
Thank you

Massage? You keep writing “massage” instead of “message”.

Anyway, it will be useful to remember not to call people you don’t know “dear”, “darling”, “bro”, “sis”, or any other term indicating that you’re close; it will be seen as unprofessional at best (it might even lose you some sales, it happened to others), women might find it creepy when an unknown man calls them “dear” or “darling”, and men might think that you’re flirting with them. I’m sure you don’t want your words to have that effect.

Also, calling people “Sir” or “Mam” might be seen as too formal on Fiverr (or you might be perceived as subservient), unless you’re 100% certain that that’s how you should talk to a person from that specific culture.

And finally, it looks like you misunderstood @writer_lovelady, and that she was just trying to be nice and helpful, not to offend you.

Good luck with your Fiverr business!


Welcome to Fiverr, @ash_shahin!

Do you have your first sale yet?

I’m not here to comment on what anyone else said. My comments were shared to encourage YOU not to use “dear”, “darling”, or any other such words in conversations here. Those words aren’t necessary, and they aren’t appropriate ways to address people whom you do not know personally.

Please don’t make assumptions.

Excellent. I’m glad to hear this. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Not yet. :slightly_smiling_face: