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Content writing for $5 is difficult. It is really hard to come up with a word count (I’m currently at “up to 150 words”) on a content writing gig that makes it worth my time. It really isn’t about writing faster. And to top it off, I regularly have had customers who want to engage in some sort of thorough interview process: several specific questions about experience, followed by a request for specific writing samples, etc. etc. etc., all to then order a single $5 gig. I do not have time for this, and I really think it should be okay to expect buyers who want to pay $5 per gig for content to read the testimonials, look over my general content writing samples, and make their decision as opposed to asking me to send them examples of content I have written for clients in the pogo-stick riding (or insert your own favorite obscure niche) market… So my questions to content writers are: How do you handle the frequent attempts of potential clients to put you through an interview/writing sample process for a $5 gig? What kind of writing samples do you keep and send to potential clients?

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I have never had an interview process from somebody. If they ask for samples, I tell them to check my reviews. 9/10 they will order.

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Hey. I’m a graphic designer on Fiverr but feel I have some insight to give.

Personally, if I think that a $5 order will take too long (either to design, to talk to the buyer about, etc.) then I will cancel the order or send them elsewhere. This is often the case for “mixtape covers”… people will have immense expectations but only be willing to pay $5 for them, so now I have a pre-written response to those people saying that they’re better off looking elsewhere for someone with more experience with that sort of cover.

Basically: value your time. If you put a lot of work in and start to get orders more frequently you’ll get to the point where you’re able to “pick and choose” between your orders. Keep your good clients close, and send your bad ones to other sellers. There’s no loss since you have more time to focus on securing more viable orders, improving your business and yourself.

Hopefully that helps in some way!

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I have a very low tolerance for this these days. This is a cut-rate website. I’m more than willing to be polite and congenial, but I’m not going to spend twenty minutes wooing buyers who are scared to place a $5 order before asking me a hundred questions and demanding to see a personalized list of niche-specific samples. That’s a high-maintenance red flag for me, and I am just not going to deal with people who are going to be high maintenance about $5. If they were paying $100 for 400 words, sure. But if you can’t cough up $5 to test me out without hounding me to prove my worth beforehand (when I have plenty of great reviews), then this just isn’t going to work, bucko.

My limit is usually three messages. If, after a buyer has sent me three messages and I’ve responded to three messages, they’re not ready to place an order, I’ll just let it go, especially if the questions are like “what do you charge?” and “how long is this going to take? I need it tomorrow,” (basically, anything that tells me they haven’t even looked at my gigs).

If someone is being really obtuse, I might get a little short with them and tell them that they haven’t placed an order, and even if they had, they haven’t paid for consulting services. There’s nothing I hate more than when someone sends me a link to their webpage and asks me “what can you do to help me?” or “how many words do you think I need?” Ain’t nobody got time for that.

When they ask for samples, I send over my generic list of samples and if they have a problem with that, I tell them that I’m only allowed to share samples that I’ve gotten approval from previous buyers to show and that these are an excellent representation of my ability to write well on a wide variety of topics.

Obviously, you’ve got to do what works for you. If orders are slow, I have a little more time to spend wooing reluctant/fearful buyers. But the moment I feel like my time is being wasted, I bail.


Haven’t got anything like this for writing even though my port features three samples from some pieces I’ve written. I would probably be a little edgy if asked for full pieces because I’ve already been burned by buyer that took a full written piece of mine and posted it to their site without paying.

I tell them I am too busy writing articles and that they are free to contact someone else.

This describes my situation (and my feelings about it) precisely. Thank you.

To deal with this, I set up a free portfolio on a professional portfolio site. - There are lots so if you want to do the same just Google that term. This way if anyone asks me for samples I simply send them a link to where they can read 16 writing samples which cover a wide range of subjects.

What I really don’t have time for though is the people who ask for test articles. These and rewrites weeks and months after delivery because their brief has changed or they have decided that a subject should be approached from a different angle. I had a guy a while back ask for a full rewrite for a piece which he had originally rated at 5 stars. I said no, not unless he reordered and he went on a campaign to change every review he had ever left me to a negative rating.

Thankfully I have lots of very nice regular clients so if anyone gives me grief I simply ignore them after the second or third message or cancel orders after informing buyers that in order to complete their work they would be best travelling back in time to the 17th century and enquiring after a competent slave or two. Bit cheeky I know but my time is a commodity and I don’t take kindly to people trying to make me jump through hoops like a zoo animal.

Wow being fairly new to Fiverr and feeling around on “how things work” I’m very surprised to hear that a buyer can leave a positive review and then go back and changed it especially after so much time has passed. For someone like you cyaxrex that might not matter but imagine it happening to a newbie on here like myself. There goes my rating. Ouch. Irene

I suggest sending a pre-written message saying something like "You can see from my feedback buyers are very happy with my writing. You can also look at my gigs to see how much I charge. Please place an order and then we can discuss your requirements and make any needed adjustments. Here are my pricing guidelines:

$5 for 400 words
You can add in a little sales pitch if you want such as Congratulations on finding fiverr’s best writer.

Yes, I didn’t know that this was possible until it happened. To be honest, though, as long as you don’t get consistently low ratings from lots of different buyers your okay. If I was a newbie still I probably would bend over backwards for buyers. However, after a while you really have to stop that or you just leave yourself open to being taken advantage of and end up making yourself miserable.

Hey can you plz help me out or give me some tips to get some offers for content writing…

Don’t post in old topics about writing samples asking for advice?

Edit: Serious response: Trying posting in “Improve my gig.” Also, proofread your gig.

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