Content writing and Copywriting, any difference?


Content is king!

This is a common saying that many would readily agree, that your website is as good as its content. But what really is content writing and how does it compare or differs from copywriting; and can just anyone write both?

This conversation is intended to shed some light into the subject matter and to have a firm working understanding of it.

What is content?

Content is anything contained in a website page that is informational, educational and problem solving. Something, which is intended for a site’s visitor to gain new views, knowledge, solves a problem and lightens a burden and that is generally beneficial.

Some examples of content

Content would consists of things like Blog posts, Articles, Email, White papers, Ebooks, Podcast, How to videos, Apps, Downloadable, Infographics, Presentation, Photo images, Research data, Games, Music, Gift items etc,

Categories of content

Two categories exist. The first type is website content and the second type is Sales copy content.

Differences between content categories

Now, let’s look at content as any material aiming to engage your audience with the purpose of creating an intimate relationship. The purpose is relationship building between you and your target audience and the conversation can be multidirectional, anything that could engage your audience and provoke intimacy! The main aim of web content is to drive and retain traffic.

Copy content on the other hand is a conversation with just one intention, and the goal is to make Sales!

Therefore, content writing is anything that would keep a conversation going to the point of creating the needed environment of trust to convert an audience; but remember not to overdo it! Copywriting on the other hand does not go into chit chat as every word is important and unique; every word must move your audience closer to make a buying decision!

What is the relationship between content writing and copywriting?

The relationship is found in content marketing, let me describe it as a funnel, with the top, wide area been your content writing and the bottom, narrow area been your copywriting.

All web content should aim at a landing page; this landing page is your copy page where the actual conversion takes place.

Can just anyone write both?

The answer is a bit tricky, but I say Yes and No! Yes if the writer is skilled in both content and copywriting. It’s like asking a story teller who’s not skilled in SEO to do web content writing, of course he would telling a good story but the purpose would be defeated.

While content writers aim at all comers, general audience, a copywriter aims at just one person, the potential customer with intention to make a sale. Pure one-on-one discussion! You can’t afford any distraction, just focus on closing the sale!

Another thing to add is that a copywriter should be skilled in the specific area of the niche he is writing on. If he is good in health product copywriting does not mean he would do so well in fashion for example. So there is need to understand your product as well as your customers and be able to communicate what benefits the product would give to the customer whom you already know what he wanted.

If you have read this far, I really appreciate your time. I hope I have been able to shed a little light on the subject. I know the SEO subject is vast and there are many authorities likely to be reading this as well, so, I like to hear your views.

This is a discussion I like to keep going as I want to learn from you on this. Please drop your comments.

Cheers :slight_smile:


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